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Collective #778


Four new CSS features for smooth entry and exit animations

Una Kravets and Joey Arhar introduce some new web platform features in Chrome 116 and 117 that facilitate smooth animations and transitions for discrete properties, including entry and exit animations, control of top-layer behavior, and use of the overlay property for enhanced animations.

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WebGL Image Processing

An exploration of image processing with GPU shaders in the browser. It covers concepts such as Color Correction, Hue and Blend Modes, to effects such as Dithering, Chromatic Aberration and Film Grain. By Maxim McNair.

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Three.js 3D Bike website

Watch Anderson build the interactive Rava 3D Bike website from scratch, covering the whole process from Blender to Three.js.

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Optical Toys

Tim Holman made this fantastic website that lets you explore and experience optical illusions.

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Easyful simplifies online selling using Stripe, requiring no code or fees. It enables direct transactions, offers a comprehensive dashboard, easy digital content uploads, and fosters global sales while avoiding costly platforms.

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Internet Speed Test by Cloudflare

Get insight to various metrics and measurements involved in testing network performance, including download and upload speeds, latency, jitter, packet loss, and network quality score, using Cloudflare's testing network, with explanations of how these factors impact different applications.

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A Future of Themes with CSS Container Style Queries

This article by Christopher Kirk-Nielsen discusses the usage of custom properties and container style queries in CSS to efficiently theme websites. It explores various approaches to implementing themes using custom properties and demonstrates how to adapt these techniques to a "multi-theme" perspective, focusing on creating clean and maintainable styles.

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Just normal web things.

Heather Buchel writes about the decline in normal web functionality due to the prevalence of new social media platforms and the overuse of JavaScript, leading to issues like missing accessibility features, non-standard navigation behaviors, and lack of responsive design.

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PyFlo is a beginner's guide to becoming a Python programmer, featuring regular, optional, and project-based lessons organized by color-coding.

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A simplified app management for macOS with Homebrew integration - One-click download, update, and uninstall for Homebrew apps, featuring a user-friendly interface, security information, and customization options.

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Cube World Kit

Create your own cube world with animated characters, animals, enemies and environmental models. In FBX, OBJ, glTF and Blend formats, free to use in personal and commercial projects.

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A redesigned Slack, built for focus

Slack introduces a major design update focused on better organization and productivity, allowing teams to easily navigate channels, focus on important tasks, and access essential tools within a more intuitive layout, creating a more productive and efficient workspace.

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