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R3F Confetti Component

Enhance your projects with confetti explosions using this React three fiber component, offering numerous customization options, created by Anderson Mancini and Romain Herault.

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The Next Generation of Web Layouts

L. Jeffrey Zeldman's article discusses the future of web layouts focused on text readability and engagement, exploring the evolution of design techniques and introducing technologies like Typetura, with references to influential figures and resources in the field.

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Assistive technology shouldn't be a mystery box

Christian Heilmann discusses the progress of web development in terms of browser openness and access to developer tools, while highlighting the challenges and limitations in achieving accessibility through assistive technology, emphasizing the need for more transparent and open-source solutions in the field.

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UPiano is a terminal-based piano application powered by Python and FluidSynth, allowing users to play notes using the computer keyboard or mouse, and was developed as a passion project by Elias Dorneles and Nandaja, initially started in 2017 and later revamped in 2023 with enhancements such as Textual integration and true synthesizer support.

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R3F Water shader

A wonderful project by Faraz where he adapts Alex Ameye's Unity stylized water shader to Three.js (R3F). Read more about it here.

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A Blog Post With Every HTML Element

Patrick Weaver shares his exploration and implementation of various HTML elements, including his experiences with less common elements, considerations for web accessibility, and insights gained from using different HTML tags in creating web content.

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Noclip is a digital museum of video game levels. You can click and drag to look around and use WASD to move the camera and explore a multitude of classic video game levels.

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The Garden of Computational Delights

A curated collection of resources, communities, tools, and events that celebrate the creative and delightful aspects of computing, showcasing everything from code poetry and simulated cities to websites that dazzle and iPhone apps that evoke emotions, all compiled under the concept of a "garden of computational delights.

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Next.js Commerce

Next.js Commerce is an ecommerce template built with Next.js 13 and App Router, featuring optimized SEO, React Server Components, server actions, styling with Tailwind CSS, Shopify integration, dynamic themes, and other features, along with guidance on setup, customization, and usage using Shopify as a CMS.

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Typograms is a lightweight image format (text/typogram) designed for simple diagrams in technical documentation, emphasizing editability and portability while providing a set of primitives and rules for diagram creation.

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Invoice Dragon

Streamline invoicing and receipt creation with this free, user-friendly solution for quick and effortless documentation.

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Alt Text Hall of Fame

A project by Stefan Bohacek that is intended to be a celebration of the effort, ingenuity, and creativity that goes into making the web a friendlier and more inclusive place, one captioned image at a time.

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Iconbuddy: 180K+ open source icons

Iconbuddy is a powerful icon search engine and manager that allows you to search, download, customize, and edit over 180k+ open source icons. It offers a wide selection of SVG and PNG icons, including royalty-free vector graphics and clipart illustrations. Additionally, Noun Project and Freepik offer free SVG and PNG buddy icons to download.

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Announcing StableCode

Stability AI has just announced the release of StableCode, its very first LLM generative AI product for coding.

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Why is DNS still hard to learn?

Julia Evans discusses the challenges of learning and troubleshooting DNS (Domain Name System) issues despite the apparent simplicity of the technology, exploring reasons such as hidden system complexities, confusing tools, weird gotchas, and infrequent exposure.

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Raffael Stüken

A really cool website by Raffael Stüken: a lo-fi, scroll-driven experience solely utilizing semantic HTML and modern CSS.

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An open-source VS Code extension that integrates ChatGPT into your IDE, offering code auto-completion, answering coding questions, refactoring assistance, and generating files, enhancing software development productivity.

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