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Abby Putinski's website is our pick this week. It is beautifully designed and it let's you explore San Francisco through the eyes of an illustrator.

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Introducing Jelly Navigation Menu: When Canvas Meets PaperJS


See how to apply PaperJS for canvas graphics and TweenJS for animations to create this great jelly-like navigation menu.

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Random User Generator


Need an "ipsum" user? This great API will provide you with a randomly generated user that can be used as a placeholder in web mockups. Designed by Arron Hunt and developed by Keith Armstrong.

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Brick by Mozilla is a bundle of reusable UI components created with x-tags to enable rapid development of cross-browser and mobile-friendly HTML5 web applications.

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Inspired by Medium's beautiful content editor, Medium.js keeps HTML code within contenteditable semantic, simple, and clean. Made by Jacob Kelley.

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Slide-Out Footer


Martin Angelov shows how to use a smart CSS trick for creating a nice slide-out effect for a footer.

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Ghostlab: Synchronized testing for web and mobile


Ghostlab is a powerful testing tool for web and mobile apps.

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A fun and beautifully designed browser game by Hover Studio.

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Web Performance Crash Course


Ilya Grigorik's crash course on web performance optimization will teach you everything from network bottlenecks to JavaScript performance.

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Single element CSS-only camera


This amazing camera was created by styling the body element only!

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jQuery Flat Shadow


This jQuery plugin by Pete R. will automatically cast a shadow on elements, creating the trendy long flat shadow look.

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HTML5 Device mockups


With Pixelsign you can create live HTML5 mockups of popular devices to showcase your work.

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Free Font: Braxton


Braxton is an elegant script font designed by Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky.

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Free Icon Set (Ai, EPS, PDF, PNG)


A fantastic free set of pixel-perfect icons in the formats Ai, EPS, PDF and PNG.

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Collective77_pineapple is a central hub of tutorials, tools and assets for developers and designers.

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SVG and <image> tag tricks


Alexey Ten shows this smart trick for graceful degradation of SVG images for older browsers using the <image> tag.

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Tipue Search


Tipue Search is an interesting site search engine jQuery plugin. It doesn't need MySQL, PHP, Perl or Python.

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Clank is an open source HTML/CSS prototyping framework for mobile apps. Think of it as Twitter Bootstrap but for prototyping native apps.

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Map Icons


Map Icons by Scott de Jonge is an icon font for use with Google Maps API and Google Places API using SVG markers and icon labels.

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Flat UI Kit (PSD)


The Flat UI Kit by Jan Dvořák is a collection of clean, resizable web components, all wrapped up in a well organized PSD file.

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Koding is an online development environment where developers can program and collaborate online in the browser without having to download the software development kits. The platform supports many popular programming languages, like Python, Java, Perl, Node.js, Ruby, C, C++ and Go.

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FancySelect by Octopus Creative transforms a <select> element into a stylish UI component.

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Nutcache is a free multilingual online application for invoicing and time management.

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Webflow is a visual website editor for responsive designs. It has a great interface and it generates clean production-ready code.

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With extractCSS you can get a generated CSS file from IDs, classes and inline styles of a HTML file.

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