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Collective #749


Vento is a screen recorder extension that lets you rewind and re-record in case you made a mistake.

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OpenJourney is a Text-to-Image AI model which has the goal of bringing an open source equivalent to Midjourney to the people. It is currently based on prompthero/midjourney-v4-diffusion and is under further developments by Muhammadreza Haghiri to get closer results to Midjourney AI.

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Kodemo by Hakim El Hattab is now open source! It lets you write technical documentation and code tutorials in a format that is intuitive and fun to read. It's perfect for walking readers through changes to code, images and more.

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Logggos is a fantastic place to find inspiration for great logos. You can sort logos by industries, themes, typography style, branding color and more.

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With Plus you can easily build dashboards, connect apps, and share data without sharing logins.

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PHP in 2023

An inishgtful article on the recent developments in PHP and how the current ecosystem looks.

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Kody Tools

Made by Kody Z Berns as a side project: A hub of online tools such as code formatters, code minifiers, converters, calculators, hash generators, text generators, encoders, decoders.

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Hello, PNG!

David Buchanan is fulfilling his role as a PNG evangelist, spreading the joy of good-enough lossless image compression to every corner of the internet.

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