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Collective #741


A generative art project that combines graphic design, football, and data. Using the statics of FIFA World Cup games to generate abstract compositions. Every match is a new poster.

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D2 is a domain-specific language (DSL) that stands for Declarative Diagramming where you describe what you want diagrammed and it generates the image.

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A GPU-accelerated computing library for physics simulations and other mathematical calculations. Read more in this thread and check out the examples.

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What Is the Open Web?

A working definition of an Open Web and what we can strive for to building an open and sustainable internet.

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FFmpeg - Ultimate Guide

This guide covers the ins and outs of FFmpeg starting with fundamental concepts and moving to media transcoding and video and audio processing along with practical example.

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Score is an open source, platform-agnostic, container-based workload specification.

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An open source, end-to-end encrypted tool that lets you securely sync secrets and environment variables across your team and infrastructure.

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Run your GitHub Actions locally for fast feedback and replacing your makefile.

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