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Collective #740

Building conscious design systems

Amy Hupe's article based on her recent talk on how we can focus less on artefacts in design systems, and work consciously to build inclusive design systems that put people at their heart.

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A great collection of useful JavaScript projects from the Nuxt team.

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A site that gives you interesting resources to learn and grow as a developer, designer or entrepreneur.

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Life After Tweets

Whether Twitter bites the big one or you decide you've simply had enough, Live After Tweets can help you stay in touch with the community you loved.

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Lumi is an nano framework to convert your Python functions into a REST API without any extra headache.

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Futicons are Figma designer icons for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Interplanetary Travel, Artificial Intelligence, Crypto, Blockchain, Cyborg, Future Transportation and Sustainability.

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With Wasp you can rapidly develop full-stack web apps in React and Node.js.

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Handpicked free tools, resources and products curated for developers, designers, marketers and more.

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