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Collective #74

Inspirational Website of the Week


A beautifully designed hommage to celebrate 100 years of the Tour de France. Some great effects and a brilliant way to present data made us pick this website for this week's inspiration.

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UIkit is an open source, lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing web interfaces made by the YOOtheme team.

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A fantastic app for real-time code sharing in your browser. Developed by Lee Munroe.

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Is This The Future of The Airline Website?


"What if there was a better way to book a flight?" Dive into the what ifs of this excellent case study by Fi, Fantasy Interactive.

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iOS 7 Wireframe Kit


A very useful wireframe kit for Adobe Illustrator made by Blake Perdue.

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Practical Typography


Learn about real typography from this complete online book by Matthew Butterick.

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200 Vector Icons


An incredible set of useful vector icons by for Webdesigner Depot. Pay with a tweet to get the set.

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CSS Guidelines


Some general CSS notes, advice and guidelines by Harry Roberts.

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VerbalExpressions by Jesse Luoto is an extremely useful JavaScript library that will help you construct difficult regular expressions.

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Wouldn't it be great to store all the things that you've favorited on Twitter or Stackoverflow, and also starred on GitHub in one place? This beautifully designed app (beta) will do exactly that.

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Macbook Template (PSD)


A beautiful MacBook Air PSD template for your next work presentation by David Kovalev.

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Free Font: Newgeo


An interesting typeface with four styles by the Lettering Shop.

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Loading animation with CSS


A brilliant CSS trick by Lea Verou for recreating the ContextAd loading animation.

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Free Font: Public Enemy


A clean typeface with a unique character designed by Tomas Velez.

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Free Font: BoB


A unique typeface designed by Zarni.

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File Type Icons


File Type Icons by Web Icon Set is a great set of 62 stylish file extension icons in AI, ICO and PNG.

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Setting subheads with CSS


Learn how to style beautiful subheads with CSS in this tutorial by Marko Dugonjić on Typekit.

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Backbone.js Deconstructed (Part 1)


Cody Lindley will teach you everything about Backbone.js that you have been missing from the documentation or tutorials around. A great resource.

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A jQuery plugin by Daniel White that converts an HTML table into a JavaScript object. Great for working with user-editable tables or accessing output from 3rd party tools.

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Simple Responsive Images With CSS Background Images


A clever and simple approach for dealing with responsive images using background images. By Stephen Thomas for Smashing Magazine.

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Guardpost: Free email validation API for web forms


Guardpost is a free email address validation service by Mailgun by Rackspace. Given an arbitrary address guardpost validates address based off syntax checks (RFC defined grammar), DNS validation, spell checks, and if available, Email Service Provider (ESP) specific local-part grammar.

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ChessBoardJS by Chris Oakman is a standalone JavaScript chess board. It is designed to be "just a board" and expose a powerful API so that it can be used in different ways.

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Alpha transparency in Chrome video


Chrome Canary now supports video alpha transparency in WebM making it possible to play videos with transparent backgrounds.

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