Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #73

Inspirational Website of the Week


Some nice transitions and an interesting layout are the reason we've picked the website of the movie "The Congress" as inspirational website of the week.

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2 is a very useful documentation generator that uses a simple folder structure and Markdown files. It comes with a lot of features and it creates custom documentations on the fly.

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Meet the Ipsums


A great place to meet all the "Ipsums" in a stylish way. Created by Tim Holman and Claudio Guglieri.

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Authentic Design


A wonderful article by Dmitry Fadeyev on the deeper meaning of the current "flat" design trend.

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Date for humans


Date by Matthew Mueller is an English language date parser for node.js and the browser.

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DevTools Snippets


A collection of helpful snippets to use inside of browser development tools by Brian Grinstead.

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Imagefill.js is a useful jQuery plugin when working with responsive images/designs. It makes images fill their containers and be centered.Made by John Polacek.

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SculptGL by St├ęphane Ginier is an amazing sculpting application powered by WebGL. It features dynamic subdivision, decimation, uniformization and adaptive sculpting.

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iOS 7 iPad (AI)


An amazing resource by Kim Ruelo: the iOS 7 iPad GUI as AI file with all the elements needed for creating a mockup.

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Looking Into the Future of Sass


Hugo Giraudel gives us an overview of all the cool new features coming to Sass.

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Here you can find a great overview of the OSS licenses and which one is suitable for your project.

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Free Font: Verano


A very relaxed and summerly font by Joan Alegret.

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Free Font: Summit


A very elegant font inspired by geometric sans serifs made by Luke Lisi. You can download the font for free, but support is welcome.

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Fun with SVG Filters


Alan Greenblatt shows us how to apply SVG filters to achieve a variety of effects on images. If you are into convolution matrices this might be interesting to you.

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Filter Effects & Blend Modes


Divya Manian talks about the exciting Filter Effects and Blend Modes. Don't forget to check out the slides too.

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Free Font: FurFont


An interesting and unique typeface designed by Milya Ptitsyna.

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20 is a webshop and typefoundry that provides motion designers, video editors and others in the field of the moving image with amazing animated typefaces. The typefaces are easy to use, customizable and scalable without any loss of quality.

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Understanding Sass lists


Another great, in-depth article by Hugo Giraudel on Sass lists, how to create and use them.

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Free Flat Vector Icons (PSD, AI, PNG)


Some beautiful flat vector icons from MediaLoot designer Tony Thomas.

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RBush is a high-performance JavaScript library for 2D spatial indexing of points and rectangles by Vladimir Agafonkin. It is based on an optimized R-tree data structure with bulk insertion support.

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Remy Sharp's workflow with devtools #3: full coding stack


In this video Remy Sharp shows how to use "workspaces" in Chrome's devtools to allow writing to files.

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The Compass port of normalize.css


If you are using Sass/Compass then you'll find this port of normalize pretty useful which includes legacy IE support variables, CSS3 box sizing mixin and vertical rhythm mixins. Made by John Albin Wilkins.

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GitHub's on your phone


Now you can visit GitHub with your mobile phone and get an optimized mobile web view.

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Hicons (PNG, AI)


A sweet and useful icon set made with clean lines. Designed by Vlad from HappyToDesign.

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