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Collective #65

Inspirational Website of the Week


Find and Form won our hearts this week because of their really nice hover effects, the clean typography and simplicity.

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Picksum Ipsum - Movie Lorem Ipsum Text Generator Alternative


A fresh new dummy text generator with lines from some of the hardest Hollywood legends. Made by Creare.

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A super-useful collection of screen specifications of the most popular devices and monitors currently on the market. Made by Type/Code.

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CSS Tube Map


The CSS Tube Map is an absolutely fantastic HTML5/CSS/JS replica of the London Underground network diagram. It was created by talented John Galantini.

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Oskari Groenroos created this jQuery plugin for replacing select elements with a nicely styled control element.

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Color Swatches


A great jQuery plugin by Max Mackie that turns a single div into a lovely color palette. On hover, the HEX color code shows.

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Css Tv: Css News


If you'd like to browse through the latest blog articles related to CSS, then you'll find Css Tv interesting.

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Tim Holman's next stroke of genius: Fizzy-Cam. It uses WebGL with three.js, custom WebGL shaders, WebRTC and headtrackr.

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Reactive CSS Transitions


A wonderful pen by Yogev Ahuvia: each block reacts to its neighbors by transforming its border-radius and color.

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Free Font: Rispa


A really beautiful and interesting display typeface by Konrad Bednarski. You can download a free test version with basic glyphs.

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Beat Petite


Beat Petite by Stuart Memo is a sample-free drum machine made with the Web Audio API.

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Easy Responsive Tabs to Accordion


Samson Onna created this jQuery plugin for responsive tabs which will adapt to any screensize and change to an accordion when needed.

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Pure CSS3 Lightsaber Checkboxes


These are definitely the most creative and geeky checkboxes you'll come across these days: lightsaber checkboxes! Made by Nicholas Cerminara from

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Thin Stroke Icons (PSD)


A lovely set of thin stroke icons by Victor Erixon.

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Clipping Magic


Clipping Magic is a really useful tool for removing backgrounds and clipping images. If you need a quick clip, this will definitely be interesting to you.

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Anchorify.js by William Durand is a dead simple jQuery plugin for automatically creating anchored headings in your HTML documents. It guarantees uniqueness of the anchor names, and is able to reuse existing IDs.

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Free Font: MNSTR


An impact-full display typeface for posters and headlines by Roman Shchyukin.

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Free Weather Vector Icons (AI, EPS)


A set of fine and creative weather icons designed by Simon Lockyer.

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Cosmo mini free (PNG)


A very nice icon set by Icojam. It's a free version of Cosmo icons and it includes a large set of PNGs.

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Designing CSS Layouts With Flexbox Is As Easy As Pie


In this Smashing Magazine article David Storey explains how to easily use flexbox for solving once complicated centering problems. Flexbox FTW!

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Infinite: A Design Blog Template HTML/CSS


A small and sweet HTML/CSS template for a design blog. Featuring a clean layout based on jQuery Masonry and infinite scroll. Created by Nathan Brown.

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Kosmos by John Judnich allows you to explore a computer-generated 3D universe from your browser. This virtual universe is extremely vast, containing trillions of stars, planets, and moons to explore. Note that this needs extensive WebGL support and might not work well or at all on Windows machine browsers. Please read the system requirements.

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Free Font: Volantene Script


Volantene Script by by Catharsis Fonts (Christian Thalmann) is a fully equipped display typeface inspired by the fine penmanship of Lady Talisa Maegyr-Stark. It comes with an extensive character set and OpenType features like ligatures and contextual alternates.

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Minimal Outline Icons (PSD)


A delicate icon set by Martin Maričák for Premium Pixels. The download includes the icons at 64px and 32px sizes, along with the original PSD.

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Free Font: Qubu Light


Dieter Hofrichter designed another stunning new typeface and offers the light style for free.

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