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Collective #64

Inspirational Website of the Week


Playground Inc. is our pick this week because of their stunning SVG animations.

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Common Patterns in Styleguides, Boilerplates and Pattern Libraries


Following Dave Rupert's idea of "Tiny Bootstraps, for Every Client", Tyler Sticka from Cloud Four creates an incredibly useful spreadsheet which documents common patterns in existing frameworks.

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JavaScript Regular Expression Enlightenment


Cody Lindley has put together this essential and excellent guide for JavaScript regular expressions.

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If you are excited about Web Components (you should be!) then you'll definitely be interested in this promising library.

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Providing The Best Mobile User Experience Possible


Luca Passani gives us some great insights and tips on how to make the mobile user experience better.

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Codeblock.js is a jQuery plugin for creating editable and runnable blocks of JavaScript code. This is especially useful for demos and API documentation.

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Design & Code (PSD)


Diogo Dantas created this clean and elegant PSD website template. Great for customization and soon available coded in HTML & CSS.

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GUIFFF is a collection of animated GIF Dribbble shots. Absolutely superb for some fresh interaction inspiration.

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Label.css is a smart little style sheet that will make labeling any element a breeze. Made by Hossein Emrani.

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Intention vs. Interpretation: What Matters?


Thomas Wendt dives into the concept of meaningful user experience and explains the importance of understanding the interplay between designer intention and user interpretation.

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Fitgrd Responsive Grid

Fitgrd is a light-weight responsive grid foundation for rapid prototyping built by abteilungweb.

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Multiple Select


Multiple Select is a jQuery plugin that will create a check-box based select multi-select element.

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20 tips for building modern sites while supporting old versions of IE

Dave Methvin and Rey Bango give us a great overview of some useful best practices for developing modern websites while supporting old versions of Internet Explorer.

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WAAX (Web Audio API eXtension)


WAAX is an experimental JavaScript library for music and audio programming built on top of Web Audio API in Chrome.

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Flat Icons (PNG)


A huge set of flat-style icons from iconShock. You can get a free download link by signing up with your email address.

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Free Font: Yuma


Yuma is an interesting, experimental font inspired by traditional Navajo textiles. Designed by Gumpita Rahayu.

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24 Flat Icons (PSD)


Some really beautiful flat icons designed by Jan Dvořák for Premium Pixels.

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Handy Sass Mixins


If you are using Sass, you'll definitely find these handy mixins by Jake Bresnehan interesting for your next project.

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On Scroll Device Changing


Talented Peiwen Lu created this cool pen that changes the devices on scroll.

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CSS only 3d Macbook Air


A awesome pen by Burak Can of a CSS-only MacBook Air with animation.

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Free Vector Device Icon Pack (PSD)


A set of pixel-perfect popular media devices by Nathan Brown for WeGraphics.

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Free Font: Cool Weekdays


Roland Hüse designed this packages inspired font and offers the thin italic style for free.

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7Min: A Quick Workout Timer


And now it's time to get off your lazy programmer's butt and work out! You can do it in style with the help of this brilliant 7 minute workout timer.

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