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Collective #600

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In times like these, you need an affordable Multipurpose WordPress theme that easily adapts to any website. Be Theme offers you 500+ pre-built websites and almost infinite possibilities for the lowest one-time fee.

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Ash's Smooth Scroll

ASScroll is a hybrid smooth scroll setup that combines the performance gains of virtual scroll with the reliability of native scroll.

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Create your free animated product mockup with Animockup to create videos and animated GIFs for social media, landing pages, Dribbble, and more. Check out the GitHub repo.

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Fix an overloaded server

Katie Hempenius explains how to determine a server's bottleneck, quickly fix the bottleneck, improve server performance, and prevent regressions.

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In case you didn't know about it: A great collection of HTML DOM management techniques using vanilla JavaScript.

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An alternative to templating and generating complicated HTML. With flat-html you write a series of statements of what each element should be set to.

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