Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #55

Inspirational Website of the Week


Skybox has some smooth sliding transitions and interesting hover effects, combined with a unqiue layout and typography. Definitely our pick this week.

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Browserdiet: How to lose weight (in the browser)


A superb front-end performance guide put together by real experts who work on large sites.

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Designing A Better Mobile Checkout Process


A great article by Derek Nelson on how to optimize the mobile checkout process for a better user experience.

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Swipe Touch Slider


Swipe.js is responsive image slider with touch support developed by Brad Birdsall.

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Css-only Alternative to the Select Element


Learn how to create a slick select-like drop-down list with CSS only in this tutorial by Paulina Hetman.

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The Era of Symbol Fonts


Brian Suda gives a great overview of symbol fonts and how they help to improve perfomance and how to use them in an optimal way.

Read it - Collecting all the cheat sheets


At OverAPI you can find an extensive collection of cheat sheets you'll definitely find useful as a web developer.

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The Clambake for Emails & Retina Images


With the Clambake by Aaron Kahlhamer for ZURB you can add retina-ready graphics, like your logo, to a responsive email.

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Let's Build a Lightweight Blog System – Part 1


Start learning how to create a light-weight blog system with PHP and CSS3 in this tutorial by Martin Angelov.

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Canvas Query


Canvas Query is a wrapper library for HTML5 canvas which allows it to be used with jQuery-like syntax. It also offers a lot of commonly used image manipulation methods mainly convenient for game developers.

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Timepiece Rounded


An interesting OpenType font displaying time, like 17:23:25, as an analogue Clock.

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iPhone and iPad (PSD)


A great looking iPhone and iPad template by Agence Me.

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Free Sketched Icon Fonts


Peax shares three amazing sets of hand-drawn sketched icon fonts. Check them out: font 1, font 2 and font 3

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iOS 6 switch style checkboxes with pure CSS


Some great looking CSS-only iOS switches by Lea Verou.

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Pixi Renderer


Pixi.js is a fast HTML5 2D renderer engine that uses WebGL with a canvas fallback that enables it to work across all modern browsers both, desktop and mobile.

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CSS3 text-shadow effects


Jorge Epuñan created some fantastic text-shadow effects on Codepen.

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Shadow DOM 201 - CSS and Styling


Learn more about the Shadow DOM and what you can do regarding CSS and styling from this article by Eric Bidelman.

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Free Font: Shinto


A fresh new display font from Golden Black.

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Move a Cube With Your Head or Head-Tracking With WebGL


Experiment with headtrackr.js and three.js, and learn how to do head tracking in WebGL in this article by Jerome Etienne.

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iPhone 5 Template + (PSD)


A pixel-perfect and improved iPhone 5 template by Dash.

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Social Media Image Maker


A great place to resize and retouch your social media images.

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Minimal Apple Product Templates


Some really nice, flat apple product templates by WeGraphics for your next mockup.

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