Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #54

Inspirational Website of the Week


Handsome is our pick this week. It's an elegantly designed website with a unique portfolio section that has some subtle transitions with shadows and lights.

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MagicSuggest by Nicolas Bize is an auto-suggest combobox with Bootstrap theme using jQuery.

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Building A Better Responsive Website


A great read about creating responsive websites and an adjusted workflow by Jeremy Girard.

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Mixing Responsive Design and Mobile Templates


Chris Coyier explains how a mixed mobile strategy can work for your site; with insights on the development of Codepen.

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Need some clean, subtly animated dashboard gauges? You might like Donuts, a jQuery plugin developed by by Mattia Larentis.

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Free Font: Technik Mono


Technik Mono is a complementary monospaced version of Technik typeface. Technik Mono 50 is available for free.

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The One Pixel Rule


Meng To explains the importance of 1px and what the rule means for app design.

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Better Navigation Through Proprioception


Some interesting insights on how to apply the concept of proprioception to create better navigation patterns by Cennydd Bowles.

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Corporate Identity Photoshop Mock-up (PSD)


Bluegraphic released this clean and complete corporate identity mockup set for free.

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Breaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown


A very interesting look into the magic behind the fast drop-down menu of Amazon by Ben Kamens.

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dsgnjbs - All of the best design jobs in one place


Tom Cavill developed this great site that shows design jobs from the best job sites out there.

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Free Font: Supergrass


Luca Ferrario shares this interesting and fun hand-drawn typeface for free.

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Horizontal centering using CSS fit-content value


Learn about the experimental fit-content value for widths in CSS and how it could become an interesting problem-solver.

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Handy Icons Vol2 – Free Web Font Kit


This resource includes 99 hand drawn icons that have been converted to a webfont for easy integration into your projects.

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:focus tooltip


Some sweet tooltips folding out on focus of the input fields by Victor Pegado.

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Koken: Creative website publishing


Koken is a free system designed for photographers, designers, and creative DIYs to publish independent websites of their work.

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Map Markers (PSD)


Some really nice map markers by Gaston Figueroa.

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The Foundation for Responsive Design – Flexibility


Emily Lewis dives into the main foundations of responsive web design and explains how to employ flexibility.

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Free Outline Icons


A very useful set of almost 200 icons that come in handy for a wide variety of web and app design projects.

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Free Font: Corbert


Jonathan Hill designed Corbert, a geometric sans serif typeface influenced by Bauhaus and the early modernist era. The regular and the italic styles are for free.

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Using SVG


Learn how to use SVG in a web project from Chris Coyier. With some important facts and useful tips.

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Free Font: Astroman


Astroman is an original and unique display typeface by Darren McArdel.

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10 Business Card Templates (PSD)


A great freebie release by Honkiat: 10 clean and modern business card templates.

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Flat UI Blog (PSD)


Riki Tanone has put together a set of blog widgets with a "flat" design.

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Make your website printable with CSS


Responsive design isn't just about screen size; it also means adapting to different media – including print. Adrian Roselli shares some techniques in this .net article.

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