Eight Media gives us a JavaScript library for multi-touch gestures which allows for an easy implementation of touch events in your website.

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jQuery Retina Plugin


Tyler Craft created a jQuery plugin that will swap out an image source for one that is sized for retina displays.

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sigma.js, by Alexis Jacomy, is an open-source light-weight JavaScript library for drawing graphs, using the HTML canvas element. It is highly customizable and it comes with a lot of options.

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How To Add Text Gradients With CSS


In this tutorial you will learn a lot about CSS gradients and the background-clip property and how you can apply them to text.

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Behance: Free Fonts


Drebeden by Serge Shi

Behance: Free Fonts


Valentina typeface by Pedro Arilla

Behance: Free Fonts


Sablon Type by Filiz Sahin

Behance: Free Fonts


Paper Johnny by Stefanie Koerner

Behance: Free Fonts


Barata Display by Enrique Arellano

Behance: Free Fonts


Inner City by Jacopo Severitano

Behance: Free Fonts


Chrome Light by Artem Sukhinin

CSS3D Clouds


Jaume Sánchez coded up this awesome experiment: 3d-like clouds with CSS3 3D Transforms and a bit of JavaScript.

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Foresight.js can be used to request a suitable image size (think retina enabled devices) and it determines if the network connection speed can handle higher resolution images. It modifies context image requests, but the server does the image resizing.

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Ready or Not, Here Comes HD Web Design


This is a great read about the high-resolution future of the web and what it means for web designers and web developers.

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7 Facts and Myths of HTML5


With all the HTML5 hype, some myths have established around the fifth version of the web language. Learn some interesting facts and common misconceptions about HTML5 from this article.

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CSS3 Generator


Pascal von Seth gives us this great CSS3 generator with all kinds of properties and options to create CSS3 styles.

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Gaussian Blur and CSS3/SVG


A really great round-up of blur methods and examples for text and images using SVG and CSS3 by Jamy Golden.

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Rob Flaherty gives us this very simple, light-weight, pure JavaScript library for detecting if a visitor to a website is a new visitor.

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A superb timeline tool that let's you create intuitive and easy-to-use timelines. You can use data from different media sources like Twitter and Youtube.

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SVG animations, CSS Animations, CSS Transitions


An interesting article about combining different animation models and how they work out together (or don't).

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Rainbow Syntax Highlighter


Rainbow is a light-weight code syntax highlighting library in JavaScript. It's easy to use, extendable and themeable.

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Minimum Paragraph Widths in Fluid Layouts


Gustav Andersson shows and explains how to tackle a common text flow problem with a great little technique.

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CSS Regions


There is some hardcore stuff you can do with with CSS Regions. Check out these amazing experiments of clipping, bending and slicing content, and more. Beware, Chrome only!

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This is something for geeks and it's really awesome: stream and/or record your terminal, with just one command.

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