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Collective #4

jQuery Scroll Path


Joel Besada created an amazing plugin which you can use to define custom scroll paths to achieve stunning scroll effects.

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Responsive Navigation Menu


Learn how to create a stylish and responsive navigation menu in this tutorial.

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Camera jQuery Slideshow


This responsive slideshow uses a light version of jQuery mobile, making it possible to navigate the slides by swiping. It comes with some beautiful transitions and skins and it can be used in fullscreen, too.

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Responsive Web Design: Missing the Point


Another great article by Brad Frost where he's setting the misconception about responsive web design straight: responsiveness is not some hip new feature - it's a necessity for creating cross-device functioning web sites and optimal user experiences.

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Free Icons from Dribbble


Glyph UI Icon Set by Matt Gentile

Free Icons from Dribbble


50 Free Delicious Berries Icons by Oliviu Stoian

Free Icons from Dribbble


350 Free vector web icons (Freebie) by Brankic1979

Free Icons from Dribbble


Max Mini Icon by Ashung Hung

Free Icons from Dribbble


Free Calendar Icons by Gerardo Diaz

Free Icons from Dribbble


Free Button & Icon Exploration by Ryan Le Roux

Free Icons from Dribbble


FREEBIE - Vector Icon 3 Pack by Caleb Amesbury

Wookmark jQuery Plugin


If you've visited already, you probably know their dynamic grid layout. Now the folks of Wookmark have released a free jQuery plugin that does exactly that.

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Kalendae: JavaScript Date Picker


This framework independent date picker comes with many great features. It uses moment.js to parse the dates and it's easily customizable.

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Moment.js is a lightweight JavaScript date library for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates. It makes it super-easy to calculate with and display dates even in multiple languages.

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Retro Triangular Pattern Design


Another great tutorial by Chris Spooner. Learn how to create a cool retro pattern in Illustrator.

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tQuery: three.js + jQuery

tQuery is an extension to the JavaScript 3D library three.js, making it easy to share and build stuff using three.js.

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Pure CSS Clickable Events


Ryan Collins shows us how to simulate a click event on an element using only CSS. With a combination of :active an :hover a clicked element will expand and stay expanded until we move out with the mouse. That's just super-clever!

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Respect Thy Typography


In this Smashing Magazine article, Espen Brunborg takes us on a journey and tells us how good typography is not just making letters look fancy but understanding and paying some respect to the long evolution behind the typefaces we're using today.

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Using "Infinite" Transition Delays


Joel Besada explains how one can maintain CSS style states using super long transition delays. You wouldn't believe what you can do with that amazing trick!

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Create a Responsive Web Design with Media Queries


Learn from Chris Spooner how to use media queries to create a responsive web design.

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Inception Explained


Scroll this uncredibly creative website to understand the underlying logic of the movie "Inception". A wonderful creation by Matt Dempsey that will blow your socks off!

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For a Future-Friendly Web

Brad Frost encourages us in his article to realize how important it is to move forward and become more future friendly when creating content for the rapidly changing web.

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