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Collective #49

Inspirational Website of the Week


The website of Grey Matter Group is our pick this week. The design and marketing firm's online portfolio has a really interesting navigation and some slick effects.

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ZenPen - The minimal editor for the modern man


Zenpen is a web app for writing minimally while all information is persistant locally, using HTML5 local storage, and sharable via URL Hashes. It was developed by Tim Holman and it is available on GitHub.

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An analysis of the omnipresent carousel or content slider by Brad Frost.

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Extra Strength Responsive Grids


ESRG by John Polacek is an ultra-strong responsive grid system that will take your grid pain away.

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Ouroboros Sass/CSS Spinner


Tom Genoni created some smooth and slick spinners with Sass and he explains some interesting facts about his experiment.

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How to Make a Tumblr-powered News Ticker


In this tutorial by Martin Angelov you can learn how to develop a widget which cycles through the most recent posts on a Tumblr blog and presents them as news items.

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Simulate "Float: Down"


A great write-up by Hugo Giraudel on a very specific and interesting layout problem where containers should float vertically instead of horizontally.

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Advanced HTML & CSS: Preprocessors


The Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS has another great chapter that will teach you everything you need to know about CSS preprocessors.

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The main issue

Read about the latest developments of the suggested "main" element in this article by Jeremy Keith.

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CSS3 Stamp effect using radial gradients


A very interesting CSS-only method to create a stamp effect using radial gradients behind an image.

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Free Font: Brooklyn Font


Paul Reis created this interesting display font that is full of character. It's a calligraphy-based typeface and you can download it for free.

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What We Learned in 2012


What have we learned in 2012? Read the interesting experiences of some of the authors of A List Apart and find out more.

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Modern.IE is a new set of tools to help you support modern and older versions of Internet Explorer.

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Navigation in Lists: To Be or Not To Be

An interesting take on the "navigation as list" dogma by Chris Coyier with a great discussion.

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Canvas Query


Canvas Query is a wrapper library for the HTML5 Canvas element which allows it to be used with a jQuery-like syntax.

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Step by step from jQuery to Backbone

Get a better understanding of the core abstractions in Backbone.js and learn how to properly move from JavaScript to Backbone.js in this in-depth tutorial by Kim Joar Bekkelund.

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How To Create HTML5/CSS3 Columns for All Browsers


Learn how to create a cross-browser columned layout in this tutorial by Jake Rocheleau.

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Free Font: Capita Light


Capita is a serif-dominated face in a new style created by Hoftype. You can get the light version for free.

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Dance to make Music


Create a song when with your (dance)moves. A great experiment by Karen Peng.

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Flight is a light-weight, component-based JavaScript framework that maps behavior to DOM nodes. Twitter uses it for their web applications.

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A jQuery plugin to provide an alternate text wrapping algorithm that will allow for a better text balancing across lines.

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Easily build a simple beautiful website for your small business with Onepager. They also offer a forever free plan with a limited feature set.

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Toolbar allows you to quickly create tooltip style toolbars for web applications and websites. You can easily customise it.

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Free Font: Bispo Nova


Bispo (Nova) is a free font by Jackson Alves. It's a script typeface family made based on italic chancery calligraphy.

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