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Collective #48

Inspirational Website of the Week


The Handytest by is our pick this week. The interactive test is based on an interesting navigation and it is beautifully designed.

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With the Parsley.js library you can easily validate forms with JavaScript. It's light-weight and highly configurable.

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Sneak Peek Into The Future: Selectors, Level 4


Andrzej Mazur gives us an overview of some future CSS goodness in this Smashing Magazine article.

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The pro's guide to CSS layouts


Peter Gasston gives us an overview of some future layout techniques that will make creating websites for all kinds of devices much easier and smarter.

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Top Drawer


Jordan Moore shows how to create a smooth revealing menu using CSS3.

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Retina for web workflow


Michiel de Graaf explains how to manage and simplify the extra work that comes with creating websites for retina displays.

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A library that uses the CSS DOM API to access CSS3 keyframe animations, enabling you to control them in your JavaScript.

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Quick Tip: Store Data in the Browser with IndexedDB


Learn how to store data in the browser using IndexedDB from this tutorial by Martin Angelov.

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An experiment to control a photo carousel using getUserMedia to watch for swipes left and right with a hand.

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Css-only Lavalamp-like Fancy Menu Effect


Learn how to create a stylish looking lavalamp menu in this tutorial by Paulina Hetman.

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Understand the Favicon


Jonathan T. Neal shares what he learned about the favicon in this in-depth article.

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Free Font: Higher


Higher is an interesting display font created by Marisa Passos.

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Setting Up a Local WordPress Testing Environment


A detailed tutorial on how to set up WordPress for local testing by Matej Latin for Tutorialzine.

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Your logo is still an imageā€¦ and so is mine!

Harry Roberts shares his thoughts and insight on which markup is better for a logo.

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Responsive Navigation Menu


Nick La shows us a great technique on how to create a responsive navigation menu without any JavaScript.

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Responsive Boilerplate Framework


If you want to start your responsive project then this might be an interesting framework for you: an elegant & minimalistic CSS3 grid system, made with only one container and 12 columns.

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The Future of OOCSS: A Proposal

A great article by Philip Walton with some interesting suggestions for OOCSS.

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Creating 3D worlds with HTML and CSS


Keith Clark pushes the possibilities of CSS by creating a realistic 3D environment using CSS 3D transforms.

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Tiny Monsters


A really nice little 2D game by Ivan Kuckir written in JavaScript. Your job is to cut small parts from a polygon without touching the tiny monsters inside.

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Typography for designers


Find great font resources on this collection site, or simply get inspired.

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Slot machine with jQuery and CSS 3D transforms


Gregor Adams shows us his updated version of a jQuery slot machine, this time in 3D.

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10 Blurred Backgrounds


A set of free, high-resolution blurred backgrounds (1920x1200px) by Shantha Abeyrathne.

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