Bi-Weekly Frontend News

Collective #45

Inspirational Website of the Week


This week we picked Seventhsin because of its completely bold and interesting navigation concept in 3D.

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All you need to know about CSS Transitions


A great in-depth article by Alex MacCaw on CSS Transitions. Learn how to apply them, optimize and chain them. You will definitely discover a lot of new things from this article.

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Regexper is a brilliant regex visualization tool that will help you understanding any regular expression you are working with.

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Easing Functions Cheat Sheet


A really useful cheat sheet for all the easing functions you might want to use in your animations or transitions (CSS or JS).

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jKit is an easy-to-use, cross-platform jQuery-based UI toolkit, that comes with many features you need for any web project.

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Designing a Responsive, Retina-friendly Site


An in-depth article on the redesign of his website by Paul Stamatiou with a main focus on designing retina-friendly.

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With controldeck.js by John Polacek you can control your HTML5 presentations with node.js. Use controldeck.js to run HTML5 presentation frameworks like deck.js, reveals.js and impress.js. You can run it locally or on a node.js server.

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PlaceIt: Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments


With PlaceIt by Breezi you can simply drag your screenshot into one of the pre-made realistic device environments and voilà, you have your ready-to-use screenshot.

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Responsive Design for Apps — Part 1


Jason Grigsby dives into the responsiveness problematic of web apps and JavaScript UI frameworks.

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Centurion is a responsive web framework that was built using SASS and CSS3 media queries and allows for quick prototyping.

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75 Free Buttons For Online Payment Service Providers (PNG)


A superb and complete set of online payment service icons that come in two different sizes in PNG format.

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Free Font: Ridge


A beautiful and unique font by Erika Noel Mackley free to use in your next design project.

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A nice pen by Hjörtur Hilmarsson: CoverFlow built with CSS3 and minimal use of JavaScript.

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Facebook - New Look & Concept


Fred Nerby shows us a fresh view of how Facebook could look. A great concept with some interesting ideas.

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Free Font: Gutenberg A


Gutenberg A is the free version of the famous B42-type used by Johann Gutenberg in his famous 42-line Bible.

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In search of the perfect radius


If you have ever dealt with nested border radii then you'll find this article very useful.

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The Making of the Interactive Treehouse Ad


Learn how the fun and interactive Treehouse ad on CSS-Trick was made from this tutorial by Chris Coyier.

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Free Font: VDS


The free VDS typeface got updated with two more weights. It's a very clean, yet interesting typeface by Artmaker.

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Shadow DOM 101


Learn about the mysterious Shadow DOM, what it is and what you can do with it from this HTML5Rocks article by Dominic Cooney.

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Photoshop Icon Toolkit (AI)


Some really sweet green icons by The Masked Bear.

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