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Collective #44

Inspirational Website of the Week


SilkTricky is a great example of an interesting layout combined with interesting effects and slick media integration. Don't forget to watch their intro video :)

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Dive into Flexbox


An excellent in-depth article by Greg Smith from Bocoup on the new Flexbox layout mode that is considered the holy grail for layout. The article dives into the revised Flexbox syntax in technical detail and you'll learn what you can do with it.

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Learn CSS Layout


This site teaches the CSS fundamentals that are used in any CSS layout. You'll learn about all the important CSS properties involved in layout with practical examples.

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Talks To Help You Become A Better Front-End Engineer In 2013


A list of great talks by various speakers for becoming a better front-end engineer by Smashing Magazine.

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Jon Tan takes us on an important journey of the science behind how people scan websites and interact with them. This science helps make decisions on how to design and create a better user experience.

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Maskew by Dan Motzenbecker is a light-weight JavaScript library for skewing the shapes of elements without any dependencies.

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Free Font: Hammer


Hammer by Taulant Sulko is a modern-looking condensed slab serif typeface with a lot of character.

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Vintage Badge Templates


This resource by WeGraphics includes 12 brushes and 12 vector badges. The badges are blank, allowing you to layout your own text and embellishments. The download also includes 8 vintage paper textures for use with the badges.

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Minimal UI Icon Set


The designers of Breezi have put together a collection of 50 icons that are a great resource for adding the finishing touches to your design project. This handcrafted set is available as PSD and AI source files.

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Progressive JPEGs: A New Best Practice


Learn why progressive JPEGs are the new best practice and what the challenges and rendering differences for browsers currently are and what's in for the future.

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Separation, Abstraction, and Cascading in CSS


An interesting article from a different perspective by Eric Normand on what he believes the problems of CSS are.

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Gemicon (PSD, PNG)


Gemicon is a handcrafted icon set with more than 600 icons by Turqois. It comes in three different sizes and each icon was created with a pixel-perfect shape layer in Photoshop.

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Free Font: Vincent


Ben Suarez created this interesting typeface perfect for strong titles.

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How to Create a Windows 8 RSS Reader App with HTML5


A tutorial by David Rousset for WebAppers on how to create a RSS reader app with HTML5 for Windows 8.

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How To Deal With Vendor Prefixes

A great write-up by Chris Coyier on how to handle vendor prefixes depending on if you are a hand author that will edit CSS directly or if you use preprocessors.

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Elusive Icons


Elusive Icons is a webfont with 268 icons for you next project. They are Open Source and you can contribute to the project.

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Forward E-Commerce Platform


Forward is a open source platform for custom e-commerce with MongoDB. It comes with many features and it makes customizing easy, with powerful templates and an expressive syntax.

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Photobox v1.03


Photobox is a light-weight jQuery image gallery which uses only CSS3 for silky-smooth animations and transitions. It supports modern browsers and was created by Yair Even Or.

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CSS3 Gradient Designer


A sophisticated gradient generator tool by Tom Pryor with all the things you need to create a perfect CSS gradient and copy the CSS code. You can also download the source code from GitHub.

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Free Font: Blocko


Blocko typeface by Jorrit van Rijt is best suited if used in capitals for large headings. If you use it in a project, make sure to drop the author a line.

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App Folders Plugin for jQuery


With jQuery App Folders you can effortlessly arrange items as on an iOS device. It's very flexible and it can be used with any content.

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Reuze is a small front-end framework that makes structuring HTML and CSS for mid to large-sized content-rich sites a breeze. It plays nice with other frameworks such as Foundation and Boostrap but also works equally well on it's own. It's still in beta but new useful features are coming.

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