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Collective #261

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James Bridle made an awesome little script to show a friendly welcome message in the developer console, promoting the facility of viewing the source of a website.

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A really awesome site and idea that will help you keep your eyes healthy. Definitely a great addition to your daily tools. Made by Chris Weston and Jon Lockley.

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Introducing FlyWeb

Learn all about FlyWeb by Mozilla, a new API for web pages to host local web servers for exposing content and services to nearby browsers.

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ES6 Cheatsheet

An awesome interactive ES6 cheatsheet that uses a series of small examples to show you the important parts of new JavaScript syntax. By Swizec Teller.

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If you haven't stumbled upon it yet: Portier is an email-based, passwordless authentication service that you can host yourself.

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A site that collects all kinds of different free stock resources for design and web projects.

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