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Collective #260

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With Upsite you can create one-page websites with ease, using Markdown.

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A great site that has matured into a fantastic resource for finding good music for programming or other tasks that involve concentration.

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Neural Enhance

An incredibly awesome application of Deep Learning where images are enhanced with amazing accuracy (1997 Blade Runner PC game, anyone?).

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Charts is a multi-library chart package to create interactive charts using Laravel.

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The Future of Web Forms

Some interesting thoughts on the future of web forms and how conversational interfaces make data collection more human. And article by Matt West.

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Practical Redux

A great series of tutorials that will teach you Redux in a practical way. By Mark Erikson.

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CSS Loader

A nice collection of one-element CSS-powered loaders for your web project. Made by Raphael Fabeni.

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A tiny and easy-to-use CSS library that is inspired by the idea behind pure functions. Made by Javier Santiago Lozano.

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An eerie web experiment by Andrew McCarthy where Tweets are spoken using Speech Cloud's text-to-speech. Sounds just like those voices in your head ;)

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