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Collective #155


I am the fold

A fantastic visualization of the diversity of website folds. Each line is from a random sampling of past-visitors' viewport heights. Made by Iestyn Williams and based on the idea by Jordan Moore.

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With this JavaScript library you can draw and animate a perfect text underline. Made by Wenting Zhang.

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Shade is a mathematically derived gradient explorer by Brent Jackson.

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Littlebox icons are made entirely with CSS and are super-easy to use. Made by Cabell Maddux.

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FLIP Your Animations

FLIP stands for First, Last, Invert, Play and it's a principle for creating web animations that are performant. By Paul Lewis.

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Exploring object-fit

Chris Mills explains the amazing object-fit property and shows how to use it together with the object-position property.

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Subway Icon Set

Subway is a great set of 306 icons optimized for iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and BlackBerry 10. Made by Pixle.

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Code Pad

The community site for saving and sharing snippets in style, Code Pad, has a new look.

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