In this section you will find in-depth how-tos involving common web development and web design techniques.

CSS button with hover effect

By Mary Lou on

Inspired by the nice download button on the jquery homepage I created this button with a hover effect. It uses opacity options for all browsers. You can see a demo h

CSS Gmail style labels

By Mary Lou on

Ever wondered how to generate some cool gmail labels in css? Here is an attempt to imitate the little labels used in gmail. Three tiny colorless images are used to c

Cool CSS-only registration form

By Mary Lou on

Here is a very simple and cool registration form. A lot of times I was searching for some registration or login form that is easy to adapt. Here comes my contributio

Simple CSS chart for dynamic content

By Mary Lou on

This is an example of a very simple CSS + one tiny image chart. The result will look like this: Insert the follwoing style into the head of your html (or add it to y