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25 Examples of Interesting and Beautiful Navigation


Designing the perfect navigation for a website it’s one of the main keys to have a good outcome, to have a website that gets users attentions and make them want to browse around to check every little information (tab, image, text, etc) you have there. Navigation menus, schemes, layouts, everything has an important weight and need to be carefully analyzed to form a nice layout.

Let’s call it Modern Web Design


I am proposing a new buzzword to replace all other web design buzzwords. Forget ‘Graceful Degradation’, lose ‘Progressive Enhancement’, drop ‘Semantic Web’ and let’s finally throw out the ‘Web X.0’ […]

25 Examples of Circular Elements in Web Design


When designing a website we have a lot of elements to worry about: menus, navigations buttons, forms, header, footer and many other important details that make our design special. Today we decided to list some good examples of circular elements in web design. We will show you beautiful circular buttons, menus, images and other details.

25 Fresh Examples of Beautiful UI Elements


UI elements – user interface elements – are a really important part of the design process. They are what we can call the face of interaction between your site and its users. Everything need to be well designed, positioned and planned. Drop downs, menus, search boxes, forms…all these elements need to be clear, easy to see and use and also beautiful, everything to get the viewers attention and get the results we want.