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Tilt Hover Effects

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Some ideas for hover animations with a fancy tilt effect. Inspired by the hover effect seen on the Kikk 2015 website.

Surf Report Template

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A simple template of a weekly surf report with an animated SVG graph and a sliding content panel. The layout is powered by flexbox and viewport units. Highly experim

Cubes Advent Calendar

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A 3D cubes Advent calendar with fun hover effects and background color animations. Clicking the boxes opens another content level with different element animations.

Artsy Media Pop Up Effect

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A fun experiment with proof-of-concepts for various simple media pop ups on hover or touch. The idea is to show images, videos or other media in a pop up style with

Fancy SVG Letter Animation

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An experimental SVG letter animation based on the Dribbble shot "Shading Letters in Illustrator" by Jake Bartlett. Powered by Julian Garnier's anime.js.

Freebie: Water Sports Icons (SVG)

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A set of 24 multi-colored icons with an aquatic sports theme. The icons come in SVG format and were designed with a soft, summer-like color scheme and optimal scalab