Frontend Rewind 2023 – Day 21

Day 21 of “Frontend Rewind 2023” awaits! Explore another day of revisiting the standout highlights of 2023.

Welcome to Day 21 of “Frontend Rewind 2023”!

Let’s explore another day of our little frontend highlights calendar! Plus, enjoy a fantastic discount for Anderson Mancini’s Three.js course!

🏔️ Fun fact: In Norway, the winter tradition of “Koselig” embraces the concept of coziness and warmth during the chilly season. Norwegians cultivate a sense of hygge, gathering with loved ones, lighting candles, and enjoying hot drinks by the fireplace. This cultural emphasis on creating a snug and comforting atmosphere adds a touch of warmth to the long winter nights, turning ordinary moments into cherished memories in the Norwegian winter wonderland.

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Community Discount: Beautiful React Three.js Fiber Configurator – Design & Code

Embark on an exciting journey with this vibrant course! If you’re already acquainted with React and React Three Fiber, get ready to dive into the world of 3D configurators. In this dynamic experience by Anderson Mancini, you’ll be guided you through the creation process using cutting-edge tools like Three.js, React Three Fiber, Valtio, and Framer Motion.

Anderson, a seasoned entrepreneur and creative developer with over 15 years of experience, is your mentor. If you’ve ventured into the world of Three.js, chances are you’ve encountered Anderson and his myriad experiments and coding gems shared in the community. Enroll now to glean insights from his wealth of experience and take your skills to new heights!

Follow this link for a big 81% discount for a limited time! If you don’t see the discount applied anymore, you can use discount FC77F7F8372EB8DD8637 for 63% off (valid until January 21, 2024)!


Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars

Eric W Bailey discusses the impact of customizing scrollbars on web accessibility. Highlighting important considerations, the article provides valuable insights for creating inclusive web experiences.


Build a real-time game with Supabase and Vue

Learn how to build a real-time game using Supabase and Vue in this tutorial series written by Jozef from Pixelhop.

Website Design: GSAP

UI Interaction & Animation: Motion Design Educational Project pt. 2


Opendream: A Web UI For the Rest of Us

Opendream is a user-friendly web interface that brings essential features like layering, non-destructive editing, portability, and easy-to-write extensions to Stable Diffusion workflows for image generation and manipulation, enhancing creative exploration and experimentation.


SH dataflux: 25 Abstract 3D Data/AI Visualization Graphics

SH dataflux is a curated collection of 25 captivating abstract 3D data/AI visualizations designed for healthcare and biotech companies.

Web Experiment

Dynamic 3D Particles

A really cool demo by Kiril, inspired by Yuri Artiukh’s workshop “Dynamic GPGPU particles with Three.js & React Three Fiber”.

Video: Create this 3D Parallax-Style Landing Page with Three.js

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Manoela Ilic

Manoela is the main tinkerer at Codrops. With a background in coding and passion for all things design, she creates web experiments and keeps frontend professionals informed about the latest trends.

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