A Glitchy Grid Layout Slideshow

An experimental grid slideshow with a stack-like navigation and glitch effect.

I love experimenting with irregular layouts. I wanted to try to take this custom “background” grid one level further and add a stack-like navigation effect. I liked how it turned out but there was some Jazz missing. It was calling for some dramatic effect, like a glitch animation! So I added it and it was the missing bit indeed.

So, here it is: a glitchy grid layout slideshow with a magnetic link effect and a quick, stack-like animation when navigating.

Here’s the initial view:

When clicking on one of the navigation buttons, there’s a quick stacking animation:

When hovering over the “Enter” button, a glitch animation happens on all the images and texts. This is how it all comes together:

I really hope this comes in handy as a starting point for your ideas! Let me know what you think @codrops or @crnacura 🙂

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Manoela Ilic

Manoela is the main tinkerer at Codrops. With a background in coding and passion for all things design, she creates web experiments and keeps frontend professionals informed about the latest trends.

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