Inspirational Websites Roundup #15

A new roundup that consists of a special collection of the latest web design trends and inspiration.
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With our roundups we want to share the most interesting design trends around the web with you. Every collection is our personal selection of what we consider to be the most inspirational and trend-setting designs.

This collection is no different: we think these are the finest and most intriguing web experiences that were released in the past weeks. They are not the only ones though, of that I’m sure! So if you stumble upon some great designs, please share them with us @codrops.

We hope you enjoy this special set of really nice designs!


Rino & Pelle

Stone & Style

LM Chabot

Dash Dash

Henrik & Sofia


Voeux Adveris 2020

Powerhouse Company



Kontrapunkt Type

Waka Waka

Houses Of

Corentin Bernadou

LEGO Ventures


Edoardo Smerilli

Kati Forner


Kelly Milligan




Rogier de Boev?

Tiffanie Mazellier


Olivier Gillaizeau

Guillaume Gouessan


Ruud Luijten

Alan Menken

Rodolfo Sarno

Stephanie Jeong

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