Collapsing Logo Effect

A recreation of the collapsing logo effect seen on PracticalVR. The idea is to have an initial view that animates to a logo in the top left corner of the page.

Today we’d like to share a little collapsing logo effect with you. The idea is to have an initial view that scales down to a logo in the top left corner of the page. The logo can then be clicked again to expand it to the initial view. The effect is a recreation of the one seen on PracticalVR.

For the animations in this demo we use anime.js.

Attention: Note that we use modern CSS properties like grid and variables in this demo.

The initial view looks as follows:


When clicking on “enter”, the background of the initial view scales first on the X axis and then on the Y axis, resulting in its new position in the top left corner of the page.


The way that this is achieved is by setting the intro__box transform to a scale value that will make it stretch all over the page. So basically, its initial state is a transformed one. Then we just need to set the X and Y value to 1. On resize we need to make sure to recalculate the initial scale values.


We hope you like this little effect and find it useful!

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  1. Wow. This is outstanding. Collapsing logo effects would boost the aesthetic of my website. Kudos to you for creating this simple guide.

  2. That’s pretty cool, but I think most customers will not understand it.