Animated Image Pieces

A set of experiments with an animated image pieces effect where an image gets shattered into rectangular fragments. Powered by anime.js.

After making the Developer/Designer Page Layout Concept we wanted to try out some different effects for the pieces animation on the image. There are quite a lot of possibilities to animate the fragments, so we made some demos showing the different effects. The animations are powered by anime.js.

The demo is kindly sponsored by NomNom. If you would like to become a demo sponsor, you can find out more here

Attention: In these highly experimental demos we use some modern properties like CSS Flexbox, CSS variables, the new CSS grid layout and filter without fallbacks.

Note that Safari seems to be a serious party pooper when it comes to performance.

Have a look at the different demos:





We hope you enjoy these examples and find them useful!

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  1. Manoela: The Ballerina works for me. I just don’t like it that all these work does not work on IE. I still love you though.

  2. Demo 4 would be way cooler if it didn’t swipe away like that! Super cool otherwise though.

  3. The Ballerina is perfect for about page. Ok – Only one rack is missing for ie and edge – Tanks