Freebie: EGO Illustrations (AI, Sketch, SVG)

A set of 6 carefully crafted vector illustrations that come with an edgy style, based on the EGO icons design. The drawings come in AI, Sketch and SVG, perfect for illustrating articles or giving a unique touch to your next design project.

We are very happy to share an exclusive illustration set with you to celebrate the EGO icons launch! These unique illustrations have an iconic and angular look like the EGO icons and they can be used for articles, websites and other design projects. We hope you like them!

About the Illustrations

This set of 6 unique and modern vector illustrations come in AI, SVG and Sketch format and are easy to customize. They depict various hot topics and are composed of meaningful details. Their unique EGO look will elevate any article or web design and give them a futuristic touch.


The illustration set contains:

  • 6 unique illustrations with an angular style
  • AI, SVG and Sketch format



Have a look at all 6 illustrations:


About the EGO Icon Set

EGO is the latest icon set from Webalys, the creator of Streamline and Nova Icons. The EGO icons took 2 years to be designed and the result is a massive set of 3600 unique and versatile icons with personality including 100 categories and 2 customizable styles. The icons have a futuristic look and they can bring a distinctive touch to any projects.


All icons are provided in .SVG, .PDF, .AI, .SKETCH, .EPS, and .iconjar, so you can fire ‘em up in your favorite graphics software. They come in two modern styles: monoline style, drawn with a single minimal stroke and duotone style, with shaded parts that bring more depth.

Icon colors can be changed in seconds. Using the “Shared Styles” in Sketch, or the “Global Colors” in Illustrator, quickly apply a new color scheme to all icons!


The EGO icon pack is fresh and forward-facing — perfect for making your apps, web interfaces, and UI designs stand out in the crowd. Preview the complete collection with 3,600 fresh-to-death vector icons here:

View all EGO icons

There is a 30% launch discount until the end of the weekend so get them quickly!

Want to try them first? Get 100 icons of the EGO icon set for free and fire ’em up in your app, web interface, or UI design project.

Download the Illustrations for Free

You can download the ZIP file of the icon set here:

We hope you enjoy this freebie and find it useful!

If you’d like to contribute and publish your exclusive freebie on Codrops just drop us a line.

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