Freebie: Yoga Icons (AI, SVG, PNG)

A set of 40 free Yoga related icons in a sharp, boxy outline style with modern coloring made by Iconshock exclusively for Codrops readers.

Today we are very happy to share a really nice Yoga themed icon set with you. The icons were created by the designers at Iconshock exclusively for Codrops readers. The freebie contains 40 pixel-perfect icons in SVG, AI and ready-to-use PNG format with 4 sizes.

The Yoga icon set comes in two styles: a simple outline style and a modern colored version. You’ll find many relevant concepts for your next Yoga related project.

About the icon set

The Yoga icons of this icon set consist of sharp, clear shapes and lines with one set having bright colors that can be easily adjusted to fit any theme. The following concepts are depicted: ajna, anahara, asana bow, asana cat, asana chair, asana cobra, asana dog, asana equestrian, asana fire breath, asana forward bend c, asana half tortoise, asana head to knee, asana lotus, asana plow, asana ship, asana tree, asana triangle, asana warrior (x2), buddha, conch, dharmachakra, kundalini, lotus, man well, manipura, mudra abhaya, mudra anjali, mudra dhyana, mudra jnana, mudra surya, muladahara, om, sahasara, svadhisthana, svastika, vishudda, woman well, yin yang and yonilingam.


The icon set contains:

  • 40 different icons
  • PNG files in 19, 38, 76 and 152 pixels
  • SVG and AI format

Have a look at the preview of all icons:


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About ‘Shock Family’

‘Shock family’ is a design and development agency focused mainly on digital product design. They have weekly releases of a wide variety of bundles, a lot of them for free, with content like print templates, icon sets, WordPress themes, UIs designs, vector packs, mockups and more. You can find all these resources on their main web pages: DesignShock, IconShock and TemplateShock.

Download the Set for Free

You can download the ZIP file of the icon set here:

We hope you enjoy this freebie and find it useful!

If you’d like to contribute and publish your exclusive freebie on Codrops just drop us a line.

Credits: Featured images created with Pixel Buddha’s Hero Images vol. 2

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  1. This icons are so good you have done really great work. this look really creative design of yoga icon. And also thank for the free download from your website.

  2. Hello, these icons are awesome. Can you please allow me to use these icons in a psd template for sale on ThemeForest ?

    Thanks in Advance

  3. Nice Icons. We will use it for our next project. I hope it allows to use in the commercial theme.

  4. Thank you for them,
    might never get to use them commercially, but they are a nice addition to my collection ^_^

    Appreciate it.

    have a listen on my soundcloud channel if you want some good vibes in return.