Freebie: “Synthetica” One Page Website Template (HTML, Sketch)

A modern and responsive one page website template built with Bootstrap. Great for agencies and collectives. Designed and coded by Peter Finlan.

Today we’re delighted to introduce you to “Synthetica” – a free HTML5/CSS3 template, available exclusively via Codrops. Synthetica marks the latest addition to a hugely popular suite of Codrops templates such as (developed by Taty Grassini), Sedna, Boxify, Halcyon Days. You can use Synthetica freely for your personal project or client work!

About “Synthetica”

Synthetica is a responsive one page website template, designed to latest trends and patterns, with large visual sections, subtle, sophisticated animated interactions, boasting a blissful color scheme. The template would suit a personal portfolio, agency or collective, wanting to showcase their work, articles, videos or product.

Synthetica comes packed with the following features:

  • Navigation section with animated search interaction
  • A team/crew section with animated hover states, and interactive chart meters
  • Animated counter section, showcasing accomplishments
  • Latest articles (or news, portfolio items, media) with a section to sort and view more
  • Freebies section, showcasing products, articles, freebies, portfolio items, product imagery, etc. with a sleek animation effect revealing more info
  • Subscribe (or sign up) section with delicate form interactions and subtle imagery
  • Footer section with streamline content design and an intuitive navigation


This responsive template harnesses the power of the following libraries and resources:

Browser Support:
  • ChromeSupported
  • FirefoxSupported
  • Internet ExplorerSupported from version 9+
  • SafariSupported
  • OperaSupported


Takes a look at a preview:


Live demo

Check out the live demo: Synthetica Live Preview

Download the template for free:

You can download the ZIP file of the template and the design file here:

Use it freely but please don’t republish or redistribute the template.

We hope you enjoy this freebie and find it useful!

If you’d like to contribute and publish your freebie on Codrops drop us a line.

If you like Synthetica then don’t forget to check out (developed by Taty Grassini) and Sedna, two more responsive and modern one page website templates for you.

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Peter Finlan

Peter's a UX lead @ Google. Crafting memorable, emotive and engaging experiences through research, testing and data science.

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  1. Hello – very impressive layout! great job

    Note: looks like the .zip file is corrupted…

  2. Hey guys, apologies for the corrupt ZIP file. We’ve addressed the issue and a fresh ZIP file has been added. Thanks.

  3. Buen Día.

    I want to know how I can insert an interval to the carousel.

  4. Thank for template. It look likes these Syntherica a cool thing, ty for description and sharing

  5. /***************** Smooth Scroll ******************/
    $(‘a[href*=#]:not([href=#])’).click(function() {

    … you may need to replace the following code to avoid errors?

    /***************** Smooth Scroll ******************/
    $(‘a[href*=”#”]:not([href=”#”])’).click(function() {

  6. perhaps this code snippet:
    /***************** Like Counter ******************/

    $(“.like_button”).on(“click”, function() {

    … should read like this:
    /***************** Like Counter ******************/

    $(“.like_button”).on(“click”, function (event) {

  7. Nice template to design a simple yet interactive website… Thanks for this awesome share@!

  8. The demo is not working for properly me! Seems like jQuery is not being loaded due to problems with the https and http.

    • Thanks Gerben, indeed there was still a problem with mixed content due to our recent switch to HTTPS. We’ve fixed it now. Thanks again, cheers, ML

  9. I was able to download the zip file. Thanks again for this awesome theme. I still have some issues changing the background image block for the statistics. Can someone help me? I’d really appreciate it.