A Look Back at 2015: Round-up of Codrops Resources

A look back at 2015 with a summary of all Codrops resources. Thank you all for supporting us!

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Another year is almost over! Just like last year, we’ve prepared a round-up of Codrops resources with all tutorials and experiments that we’ve created together with our awesome contributors. We say ‘bye bye’ to 2015 and look forward to an exciting and fresh 2016!

From our hearts, we thank all our readers, supporters, contributors and sponsors! Have a fantastic new year full of health, kindness and love. Make it count!

With love,
Pedro & Manoela

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  1. You guys are truly amazing! You inspire us, you push us forward, you simply make us developers and designers better! 🙂

    Happy new year guys, looking forward to a new year with lots of exciting stuff from you.

  2. Just love this I have learnt so many things with this site.

    Thanks!! For this amazing work.


  3. I learn so much from this website from totally zero about CSS, thanks for keep writing such a great things for us. I will never forget that. Once again thank you so much you guys are amazing.

  4. Every time I visit this site, I am like WOW, … Love all the work and sharing you do … All the best in 2016 !

  5. As i know there is lots of improvements done in 2015. So over all there is nice to see better improvements ago. Hope that web design make easy as human being can easily developed.

  6. By far the most valuable resource for web design info and more. Thanks so much for your generous sharing.