Freebie: “Cardio” One Page Website Template

A clean and modern one page website template built with Bootstrap. The responsive HTML template has a gym related theme but can be easily fitted to any kind of content.

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Today we are very happy to share a clean and versatile one page website template with you.

Cardio is a clean and modern looking, responsive one page website template built with Bootstrap. It has a gym related theme but it can be easily adjusted to fit well with any kind of topic. The template comes with a smooth page navigation and some subtle transition effects. The design is very clean and spacious with a fresh color theme and solid typography.

Browser Support:
  • ChromeSupported
  • FirefoxSupported
  • Internet ExplorerSupported from version 10+
  • SafariSupported
  • OperaSupported


About the website template

The responsive template is built with the help of the following resources:


Have a look at the whole template design:


Check out the live demo of the template: Cardio Live Preview


Download the template for free:

You can download the ZIP file here:

Use it freely but please don’t republish, redistribute or sell “as-is”.

We hope you enjoy this freebie and find it useful!

Check out the Behance project page where you will also find a link to download the PSD file!

If you’d like to contribute and publish your freebie on Codrops just drop us a line.

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    • Hi Mr Huy,
      Go to the js/main.js file and look in the $(window).load function.

      Inside you will find all the initializations for all the sliders.

      Find the one you want and insert the option “autoPlay:3000” for example.. that would be 3000 milliseconds or 3 seconds.

      Don’t forget to add a comma to separate this option from all the others. For further details look in the OWL documentation

      Best Regards,
      Filip, Front-end Developer at PHIr

  1. Very clean work 😉
    Please can you let me know where did you find the template pictures ?
    Thanks, Mehdi.

  2. Your template is very nice! I use its structure and javascript for my website. I change some things in the contact form. I use PHP to check the form, but I have a problem with the header’s height when the form has been submitted. The header become very height (it’s due to jquery.min.1.11.1). Does someone use without problems this contact form?

  3. How do you make use of the sign up for ? id like to use as a contact form that mails me the details, i have edited it but how can i make it work? thanks

  4. Is this on Github anywhere, if not could you please put it there with a link? 🙂


  5. First of all, awesome work. Absoulety loved it. I wish I had seen this earlier when I was making a one pager website. I got two questions for you. When I scroll a bit after page loading, the background of the navbar gets white, can you please tell me how to do that?
    Another question. When I scroll down it points to that section by changing the items of menu, how to do that?
    I would really appreciate if you can take some time out to help me on this.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi there, Excellent Work just loved it. I have been working to make use of this template but facing some difficulties. For the rest of the pages other than the home page, I don’t need the blue background but I do need the header part but so far I was unable to shorten the blue coloured header. can you please help me?

  7. Design look great! i’m looking for web hosting template in similar design..

  8. Oh boy! What a blast of fresh air! The design and flow of this project is top notch, the colours so relaxing, the divs so crisp and sharp! You guys are truly magical. Inspirational work, this. Please watch out for my follow on twitter!

  9. Firstly, Great Job!
    I’m using this Template. But i’m having problem with preloader.
    Its taking a lot of time to load my site, almost 20-25 sec. How can I reduce this time to speed up my sites loading time?


    First of All Awesome work. Can you tell me from where I can get PNG icons you used in the Services Section? I mean a Whole Pack

  11. Really nice template. Is it possible to use the Typewriter effect on the Boxify template ??
    Cheers, and all the best.

  12. hi guys, thanks so much. it would be lovely if you can add a contact form on the cardio project

  13. The toggle nave (on mobile device) does not work in FireFox when scrolled down some. It works when positioned at the very top, but when the original nav hides when scrolled down and replaced with the white nav, the toggle menu does not work. How can I get this to work? I do not need the flashy mobile menu that works in Chrome, just any working mobile nav menu.

    Everything else is awesome, but I cannot use if I can’t get the mobile menu to work in all browsers.

    • Yeap, same issue here. Menu doesn’t really work in Firefox and I assume in Safari also, but I didn’t tested it there. Just, a hunch 🙂