The Web Designer’s Idea Book Vol. 3 Giveaway

Win one of five copies of The Web Designer’s Idea Book Vol. 3 by Patrick McNeil.


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In this giveaway you can win one of five copies of The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3 by Patrick McNeil (shipped internationally).

The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3

Featuring more than 650 examples, this third volume of The Web Designer’s Idea Book is packed with visual inspiration for creating top-notch web design. Web design expert Patrick McNeil, author of the popular Web Designer’s Idea Book series, is back with the latest examples of the best design on the web today.

Arranged thematically, this guide puts important topics like technology, design styles, elements, site types and site structure at your fingertips. This new volume also includes a detailed discussion of the various content management systems available to help you find the best platform for your project.

An indispensable reference, this book provides you with the latest in themes, styles and trends you need to keep your projects relevant in the fast-paced and every-changing world of web design.

About the author, Patrick McNeil

Patrick is a St. Louis based web developer, design lover, author and teacher. His bestselling book series The Web Designer’s Idea Books have inspired thousands of designers around the world. Patrick has a particular love of front end development and a passion for teaching designers how to code. You can find more about Patrick on his site,, or follow him on Twitter @designmeltdown.

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  1. Had all the previous books by Patrick McNeil and one of the sites I built is due to featured in the Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book (the site is 🙂 I find the books very useful when starting a new project – I look at the best examples from the book and then go and build my own, taking bits of inspiration from the book and elsewhere 🙂

  2. I don’t have enough money to buy this book, but I really want it. If there is any chance… Thank you in advance. Pozdrav iz Srbije!

  3. I’ve got the last 2 versions at the office and they are always handy for some inspiration.

  4. HI I want this Book becz I need to learn real Web Designing…Becz There is No One can teach with Genuinely… So If Possible I needed it Pls…

  5. Inspiration can do wonders when your hard-work seems to failing apart. Looking forward to this book for some awsome inspirational designs.

  6. I think I’ve read an ealier edition glad to see this book has been updated 🙂

  7. I have The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Volume 2, and it gave me great inspiration when doing up my portfolio. Next college term, I hopefully will be offered a place on a web design related course and I am sure this book will prove valuable to me in terms of developing my skills. If I do not win it, it is still going onto my wishlist! ^^

  8. I prefer paper books when looking for inspiration, sitting in comfortable chair. It feels like more “inspire-able” method than surfing on pinterest boards.