Simple Icon Hover Effects

A set of simple round icon hover effects with CSS transitions and animations for your inspiration.

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Today we want to share some simple icon hover effects with you. The idea is to create a subtle and stylish effect using CSS transitions and animations on the anchors and their pseudo-elements. For the icons we are using an icon font (Eco Ico by Matthew Skiles, created with the IcoMoon app) which we add using the :before pseudo-class.

Please note: this only works as intended in browsers that support the respective CSS properties.

The markup only uses an anchor for the icon and we wrap a set into a container so that we can create a variety of effects:

<div class="hi-icon-wrap hi-icon-effect-1 hi-icon-effect-1a">
	<a href="#" class="hi-icon hi-icon-mobile">Mobile</a>
	<a href="#" class="hi-icon hi-icon-screen">Desktop</a>
	<a href="#" class="hi-icon hi-icon-earth">Partners</a>
	<a href="#" class="hi-icon hi-icon-support">Support</a>
	<a href="#" class="hi-icon hi-icon-locked">Security</a>

An example for a hover effect is the simple rotation of the pseudo-element for the icon:

.hi-icon-effect-6 .hi-icon {
	box-shadow: 0 0 0 4px rgba(255,255,255,1);
	transition: background 0.2s, color 0.2s;	

.no-touch .hi-icon-effect-6 .hi-icon:hover {
	background: rgba(255,255,255,1);
	color: #64bb5d;

.no-touch .hi-icon-effect-6 .hi-icon:hover:before {
	animation: spinAround 2s linear infinite;

@keyframes spinAround {
	from {
		transform: rotate(0deg)
	to {
		transform: rotate(360deg);

Note that a dashed border on a round pseudo-element (border-radius: 50%) does not work in FF 21.0 (effect 4)

I hope you enjoy the effects and find them inspiring!

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Mary Lou

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  1. wow great simple effects!! definitely going to try some of these out and try think of some more of my own!

  2. I see most often you are playing around with CSS pseudo element “:after” and “:before”
    and with CSS3 animation/transitions, that is cool

    I could see a potential use this for a creative website , but is this effect recommendable to be used for mobile touch event, like the effect #8

  3. Hey Mary, thanks for sharing amazing Icon hover effects. CSS3 change the way of designing. Great !


  4. Hi there, I love the article, I am trying to recreate this on a new font, but am having difficulty getting the font to display correctly.

    Could you please explain to me how the css entry

    .hi-icon-screen:before {
    content: “\e00a”;

    is getting for content from the font files, and how I can lookup how to do this on another font file.

    Many thanks


  5. Love this! I’m new to the @font-face approach. Can someone explain how you can identify the unicode character references that relate to the different icons? (i.e content: "\e001";' ) Probably a dumb question I know!

  6. Hi Mary Lou,
    Got a quick question. You have the icons to be set in the .hi-icon-mobile:before . Is there any way to change the icons that you have in there?

  7. This is so great, I had to share. A few asked if this could be done with Font Awesome. The answer is YES!!! Open the component css file and delete or comment out the @font-family declaration and associated links. Also comment out the classes for the icon set because you won’t be using them (e.g. .hi-icon-mobile:before).

    From there everything is icon-agnostic css. Load up your Font-Awesome however you like and replace the hi-icon icon classes with the Font Awesome icon classes in the anchor tag classes from the examples (e.g. icon-twitter). That’s worked for me and I couldn’t be happier.

    • I was wrong. Not working with Font Awesome. Can’t tell if I am supposed to need the js files or the default css. I’m sure others have the same questions.

  8. I can’t get this to work… The font isn’t connecting properly, so I’m getting empty boxes instead of icons.

  9. Does this work using a different icon font? I have a custom icon font that I am using but it’s not working with the tutorial. I get empty boxes as well. Is this: content:”\e001″; the code for the icon image?

  10. i could fix the icon “problem” (content: “\e001”), if anyone wants the explanation about fixing it, e-mail me.

  11. You are an absolute saint! this is wicked.. Thank you so much for this.
    I’m implementing it on my site now with my own icon / font set.. ace..

    Ill post the results

    10 outa 10 my good lady 🙂