Introducing Blueprints – A New Section on Codrops

We are introducing a new section on Codrops which will contain basic templates and components, called Blueprints.
Introducing Blueprints - A New Section on Codrops

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We are happy to announce a new section on Codrops: the Blueprints.

The Blueprints will be a collection of basic and minimal website concepts, components, plugins and layouts with minimal style for easy adaption and usage, or simply for inspiration.

Since we had many requests to create more basic templates and plugins that can be easily used as a website component, we decided to give it a try. We hope that the Blueprints capture that idea and give you some basic foundations for building your projects.

Here you can find the first two Blueprints:

Elastic Content Slider
Elastic Content Slider

Full Width Image Slider
Full Width Image Slider

We hope you’ll enjoy our new section and find it useful!

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  1. Cool. I like the idea of Blueprints. It’ll make it more easy to get the code snippets I need during website creation.

  2. Excellent ! Brillant ! This new chapter sounds like perfection
    I’m following you for a year now (thx RSS) and your approach of the web is like nature : a minimalistic efficient loving experience

  3. Would you please give me some feedback about my website, i intented to make a minimal layout. Thank you.

  4. This is pretty good. Versatility is key in these demos, and there’s nothing more versatile than basic frameworks, or blueprints in this case.