Slicebox Revised

Slicebox, the jQuery 3D image slider plugin, has been updated. We've done some major improvements and added new features.

Slicebox Revised
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Welcome to the News & Updates section on Codrops where we will be announcing updates of older scripts and tutorials with improvements and suggestions you have sent to us or left in the comments. We will also add these updated scripts to GitHub.

Slicebox – A fresh 3D image slider with graceful fallback has been updated! There are some new features and improvements that you have asked for and the project is now added to GitHub. Check out the original article to find out how to use it and view the demo.

Summary of Changes

A lot of changes were integrated into the new Slicebox, here are the most important ones:

  • Slicebox is now responsive.
  • The images can now be wrapped into an anchor. You can also leave the image without an anchor around or have a mix of both cases (see the original original article for more details on the structure).
  • The description is not taken from the title attribute of the image any more. There is a separate container for that and you can add any markup.
  • The description is now always shown.
  • It’s now possible to jump to any slide with a new method.
  • You can randomize the orientation and the number of slices.
  • Support for Firefox added

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