Freebie: Soft UI Kit (PSD)

Today’s freebie is the Soft UI Kit, a free PSD by Kim Petersen. Free for personal and commercial projects.

Freebie: Soft UI Kit (PSD)

Today we want to share another free UI kit PSD with you. It’s called Soft UI and it’s made by Kim Petersen. It contains many detailed UI elements such as buttons, menus, social buttons, sliders, a pagination style and an accordion, plus many more. The subtle gray shade allows a versatile usage in interface designs.

Download the PSD for free

You are completely free to use this UI kit for personal and commercial projects, no attribution is necessary. However, don’t redistribute it as-is (without prior consent of the author).


Take a look at the preview:

We hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

If you’d like to contribute and publish your freebie on Codrops just drop us a line.

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Kim Petersen

Kim Petersen is a 25 year old junior web designer and web developer from Cape Town, South Africa. He has almost 2 years of experience in the web industry, loves what he does and is always eager to learn new things.

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    • I’m happy you like the design it’s much appreciated. I spent a few hours on this trying to get it exactly the way I want it, took some time but definitely worth it.