Impressionist UI Pack Giveaway

Win one of 3 personal licenses (39$) and 1 developer license (149$) for the Impressionist UI Pack from DesignModo.

Impressionist UI Pack Giveaway

In this giveaway you can get the chance to win one of 3 personal licenses (39$) and 1 developer license (149$) for the Impressionist UI Pack from DesignModo.

About Impressionist UI Pack

The Impressionist UI Pack is a huge design pack that contains over 300 elements for web design. It contains almost anything you can imagine to be useful in creating a design: edit boxes, tabs, buttons, notification windows, menus, compact solutions for menu tabs, windows, backgrounds, graphics, sliders, info blocks and many many others. All the elements have been created in Photoshop using shapes which means that they can be resized without losing any quality. The elements can be used for web design, mobile interfaces, illustrations, and anything that you can imagine.


Shmidt Sergey was the one who designed the cool pack containing 200 (x3) icons. You can change and adapt the icons considering your own taste and resize them from 16x16px to any size you would think of — they will always look cool. All the icons have been skillfully made using 16 pixels, by respecting real proportions; this is why they will always be spotted no matter what size whether it’s a favicon or a poster at the airport.


The Impressionist UI pack contains a full package of icons that every designer should own.
Head over to DesignModo to check out the whole pack in detail.

About DesignModo

DesignModo is a great blog and resource for web designers and developers, graphic artists and anybody that seeks artistic inspiration. You will find many helpful tutorials, insightful articles, freebies and absolutely stunning and affordable web design resources.

How to win

All you have to do is tweet this giveaway with a tweet containing @designmodo (or share it on Facebook containing +DesignModo), and leave a comment below. Tell us, what you love most about the Impressionist UI pack. Be creative, fun and most importantly, unique!

Good Luck!

This giveaway ended on May 14, 2012 at 6 p.m. GMT+0.

The Winners

We are happy to announce the following winners of the giveaway:

Developer License

Personal License

Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly!

Thank you for participating!

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  1. Shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ πŸ™‚ and 1st one to comment πŸ™‚
    @Codrops, @Designmodo

  2. The UI Pack that Steve jobs would have loved it …. Hope he sees this from heaven and say it… “insanely great” … πŸ™‚

  3. its good to have UI Kit when you have to show something creative πŸ˜‰

  4. Nice, I wish someone can code all the elements in CSS and html for us developers.

  5. What I like the most is the deer logo.
    I like deer heads too…
    Tweeted @anybodesign

  6. I just love UI’s and how they save me so much time when working on a layout. Hope I win there are some amazing one on here!

  7. This pack truly is incredible. I can’t imagine the amount of effort put into it. And all in a psd for easy manipulation? Yes please!

  8. This pack is one of the most useful and comprehensive design packs I’ve ever seen. A must own for any designer.

  9. I love anything that comes in a big package (bowing my head now & whispering, “package!”)

  10. I’m digging this awesome giveaway. Sometimes we don’t have the precious time to take to design neat things like this because there’s a scary deadline at the end, and that’s the perfect time when these creative packs come super handy to us. Cheers!

  11. Tweet:!/devinrajaram/status/199595313667911681

    The reason I like the Impressionist UI Pack is that, is as follows. The internet as we know is has become a space filled with duplicates, there is nothing that someone designs on a daily basis that has not already been made; occasionally you have something new designed. But, for the most part we have the same frameworks, wireframes, and design elements. What the IUI does, is that, it speeds up this process in having to design a whole website with all new elements. It’s quality is nothing short of perfection, and is perfect for pretty much any website, with the variation in color.

    Good luck to everyone and hope I win this.

  12. Very cool UI pack – Not usually keen on these, but this one looks versatile and big enough to help me out with a lot of mock-ups and prototyping, and a major start point for final art. Would be great to have, for sure!