More Examples of Fresh Effects in Web Design

Another set of websites that use some unconventional and fresh effects.
More Examples of Fresh Effects in Web Design

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If you want your web presence to stand out, creating a beautiful website is the first step to go. In order to make a visit to your website memorable and interesting you can add exciting and fun effects. Here is another collection of websites that do exactly that.

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When you visit Layrr you get a superb scrolling experience. Scrolling will reveal the message of the network that supports creatives in realizing their projects.



Hover over the single project items after they fly in to see a fast-running slideshow. When leaving the item, it will stay with the current image.

Faces of New York Fashion Week


Here we have a great layout with a BW to color hover effect and dynamic loading of the images. Try to zoom the page out and you’ll see how the items will re-arrange!



Thierry Alexandre Schmitt makes navigating through his site a smooth “sliding” experience. Click on a project to see the details sliding in from the right or use the filters on the top to see the projects squeezing up like an accordion.

Soleil Noir 2012


Soleil Noir Studio gives us another amazing scrolling experience with some thoughtful messages about believing…

Air Jordan 2012


Visiting Air Jordan 2012 and scrolling will just blow you away: making extensive use of the parallax effect you’ll get the impression that the shoe parts are going to fly right into your face!



3Digital is another great example of turning a website into one big slider: everything just slides up and down, to the sides, in and out… An amazing experience because it all just feels “right”.



On HERR LEDER (Mr. Leather) you will find another scrolling Easter-egg and don’t forget to refresh the page because the background will change!



TokioLab! add some spice to the scrolling effect with the help of some subtle parallax effect and scaling the letters.



MENDO offers a fresh book browsing experience with a stunning full page image view.



Colorz will surprise you with their hover effect on the portfolio items. The image slide direction depends on where you come from with your mouse and to where you are leaving. Make sure to check out the rest of the site since it’s packed with fresh, subtle effects (i.e. their News section).



A smooth scrolling experience with some subtle effects…

CCR – 10 Anos de IPO


This website combines the scrolling effect with a timeline, showing the yearly achievements of the company. Notice the detail of the blurry images, making the “driving” experience appear more real.



Don’t you just love to see some non-straight shapes? G4interactive rotates its website elements 45 degrees and creates a fresh look with some subtle effects.



Up for some fun chemistry? On Tag Reaction you can fly (scroll) through some interesting “molecule bindings” and check out the “details” of each reaction. What an amazingly creative concept that will blow you away!

Yuna Kim


Some sweet hover effects here. Check out how the shapes bounce or how the top bar slides in smoothly.



Manual surprises with a fresh project navigation: just click on projects and choose one of the sort options to see the items slide to their places or fade.

One Darnley Road


Check out the subtle menu effects and see the content sliding into place.

Barcito Chicago


Barcito does not have any fancy scrolling or sliding but simply a very subtle and sweet hover effects. Don’t you just love Pintxo?



Bagigia offers yet another great scrolling experience by showing you their product in detail and from all sides. Hey, a zipper indicates the progress, sweet!



Last, but not least, Acuterays is another scrolling site with some asymmetrical design elements.

And that’s all! We hope you liked this little collection and got inspired!

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  5. Is anyone thinking about the usability of these parallax scrolling sites? Yeah, they’re impressive in terms of engagement and exploration. But has anyone measure them on usability? I found the Nike Air Jordan site to be slow to load and its performance wasn’t great in Firefox.