Conceptboard Giveaway (ended)

Conceptboard is giving away three professional accounts with unlimited coworkers for one year.
Conceptboard Giveaway

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The three winners of Conceptboard’s giveaway will get a professional account with unlimited coworkers free of charge for one year.

(This contest is closed.)

What is Conceptboard?

It’s everything you ever wanted when working on your drafts with coworkers or clients. Conceptboard is a versatile space to upload images and documents combined with simple but powerful scribble, highlight and commenting tools. It’s wrapped up in real time collaboration features such as presentations and guest access.


Check out the sample board of a photo shooting or create a new demo board to play around with.

How to use it

  • idea visualization & decision processes
  • brainstorming & mind mapping
  • design & document review
  • task management & approval
  • mock-ups & sketches



  • upload concepts, drafts & office documents
  • scribble, highlight & underline
  • take screenshots with the integrated tool
  • work with your team in real time
  • start ad hoc presentations
  • make precise comments & assign tasks
  • use your own corporate branding
  • manage your staff
  • work together with freelancers and customers

To enter the giveaway, simply add your comment below and tell us why you’d like to try Conceptboard.

Good luck to everyone!

This giveaway ended on the 23rd of February 2012 at 4 p.m. GMT+0.

The Winners

We are happy to announce the following winners of the giveaway:

Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly!

Thank you!

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  1. Over the past time, I’ve tried out many different tools for creating mock-ups, wireframes in combination with collecting ideas. In contrast to many of these tools, this seems to be pretty perfect for what I’m looking for. I like the idea of guest accounts to let clients give detailled feedback. That way, I’d mainly use it for

    1) noting down concepts and ideas and let clients write down their ideas as well;
    2) letting clients participate in my layouting work through their feedback
    3) working on presentations with colleagues

    All in all, it sounds pretty sweet but I’d like to put it to the test :).



  2. I’ve just started a freelance graphic/web design career, and I’d love to use Conceptboard on some upcoming projects, so I can collaborate with contracted developers as well as my clients.

    Hope I win!! πŸ˜€

  3. At the moment I am working on a graduation project to make a multimedia product for a university.
    This tool could help us with our project with brainstorming, mock-ups and idea visualization.

  4. As a freelancer this would be a great tool for me to interact with other fellow designers – get their invaluable input & criticism on projects and vice versa.

  5. I checked it out and I think it’s fantastic. In the small company where I work where there are lot of interns, I spend a lot of time pointing out visual design errors and html issues. Current process includes heavy use of photoshop, print-screen, and so on. I’d really like the opportunity to get my hands on a tool like this.

  6. I’m need of a tool like this, I started developing Android Apps, with another person and we have very different online time, so this would help me a lot. Thank you!

  7. This is the tool I’ve been looking for. I currently use a desktop app to outline design concepts, but it’s a real hassle sharing it with co-workers and management…and feedback from them always comes back in emails or phone calls which just clutter up and already cluttered day. I’d love to win, but I’ll definitely be giving Conceptboard a closer look no matter what.

  8. I’ve just started a new software project with a buddy of mine, and we’ve been looking for a good way to communicate our ideas to each other… this looks perfect!

  9. simply because it’s try worthy otherwise there is no point wasting your time. Love their work.