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Win one of 3 sets of 100 Classic Business Cards in this MOO Giveaway!


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We are excited to have MOO provide us with 3 sets of 100 business cards for three of our readers which you can see here. If you have not come across MOO before, they love to print – whether it’s creative business cards, unique MiniCards, Postcards, Greeting cards, StickerBooks and more!

(This contest is closed.)

MOO’s unique printing technology ‘printfinity’ allows you to place a different image on every business card in a pack! This is an excellent way to show off a portfolio, designs or business.

More About MOO

MOO was born from a love of beautiful, high-quality print and design. They make printing beautiful and unique business cards and MiniCards easy!

You can upload your own images or artwork to create truly creative cards. If you don’t have any designs of your own you can choose from a range of templates and designs for your cards and personalise them with your own details.

Competition Prize

3 sets of 100 Classic Business Cards:


How To Enter

For a chance to win one of the 3 sets of Business Cards – all you have to do is post a comment below and tell us one way you would make your cards stand out from the crowd – we are looking for really creative ideas!

Winners will be chosen from the comments below! Please enter a valid email address so we are able to contact you.

This giveaway has ended on Sunday, 29th of January 2012, 6 p.m. GMT+0 and the winners are announced below.

Thank you for participating!!

The Winners

MOO is happy to announce the following winners of the giveaway:

Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly!

Thank you!

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  1. I’ll make my business cards with a good typography, good background image of course and i indicate the essential information such as contact details. I’ll make it good and presentable because it represents me as a person.

  2. I would love to be able to brag about my new logo on a bussines cart comming from the other side of the ocean 😉

  3. I would make my cards stand out from the crowd by having them 1) being distributed by scantily clad beautiful people and 2) Paris Hilton’s number would be on one set of cards for the men and Gerard Butler’s number would be on the other set of cards for the ladies!

    Oh sorry, it’s got to be a design on the cards which stands out. 😀 Well, I’d have numbered dotted lines on the card which would illustrate folding points. Instructions would be on the back of the card. After folding it, you could have an origami Swan.on your desk 😀

    Happy Days

  4. emboss logo ,
    be simple like front side only with name , address ,contact and logo
    back part with inspiration short quote or name and image of succeeded person of card owner field for inspire because card.

  5. emboss logo ,
    be simple like front side only with name , address ,contact and logo
    back part with all social site profile name with that logo..

    using social site profile , contact is easy that are purpose of contact card…
    no one put card in pocker always , but using social site , they can contact any time , anywhere..

  6. I like a bending card! The only way you can see all the info is to bend it one way or another.

  7. If I was a designer, I would like to create an illusionary card, in the sense that, if you look at it from various angles, you will see something different. Using perspectives.

  8. i want card that gives us off different lighings/colourations depending on the brighness of the day. it should also have watermarks that shows depending on the angle with which you are viewing/slanting the card. it should look like a mini card wallet.

  9. I’d add an small projector so it shows a video reel about my work when someone’s holding it.

  10. I think 1/2 of the message on one side (split on the diagonal) and the rest on the other would be interesting. Hold the card between thumb and index finger of left hand on upper left and lower right corners and SPIN. The POV effect will display the full image.

  11. I would LOVE to try out Moo’s service, because I’ve recently been thinking about whether my company could use Moo’s Printfinity feature to customize our cards for lead generation and tracking. Your offer would help me to experiment with a short run of test concepts for market research…. and if it works, I intend to buy tens of thousands more cards from Moo…

  12. Hmmm, I would like to taint the card with an aroma. Mint, Lemon, Roses…Something nice and fresh.

  13. I would have the card so it could be torn into quarters and each section contained a QR code so the holder could scan and still access my details online or via SMS. This way the original holder can promote me and my business to others easily

  14. I would like to have my cards to be made of thin brushed stainless steel (aluminum, titanium) with laser etched text and graphic. Text can be filled with black paint. Like an alternative text might be punched through!
    I think that would be awesome.
    Side effect 100 of those card might weight a lot 🙂

  15. I’m working on getting business cards for a restaurant… How will I make them stand out? SCRATCH ‘N’ SNIFF.

  16. I’m a quilting pattern designer and would showcase my designs by playing with the design lines in Illustrator to show them as 3D – that would really make the quilting pop-out from the card. With the wonderful rich finish of the Moo business cards my contacts could have a little bit of quilt for their very own. Thanks to you and Moo for such a great give-away!

  17. Awesome! What if my presentation card is actually an augmented reality experience where people could see me rendered in a 3D world introducing myself! Perfect for meetings/conferences/presentations. That’d be super mega geek! Lol Nice looking cards guys!

  18. WOW! Every client is unique, so the cards must follow the same line of thought, must also be unique, only “MOO” creates and produces cards at this level, simplicity, vivid colors and a nice cut takes each card to be special and unique in a “minimalist way.” In short, minimalist cards with an emphasis on bright colors of the logo it’s my choice 🙂

  19. I would make cards with current weather / daytime on the background side and may be a little “the day we met” or “the night we met” sign there, so the person who got it remembers. may be a small line for writing the date/place to add a final touch to it. this way they would remember.. hey. I like this idea 🙂 Should do it no matter if I win or not :))