Dessign Responsive WordPress Themes Membership Giveaway (ended)

Win 1 of 5 Dessign Premium Responsive WordPress Theme membership subscriptions and get access to over 40 premium themes.
Dessign Responsive WordPress Themes Membership Giveaway

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In this giveaway we will pick 5 lucky winners to get full 1-year access to Dessign Premium Responsive WordPress Themes worth over $900 for each winner (total giveaway prize $4,500) Dessign Theme Shop releases 2-3 new WordPress themes every month with amazing support to their customers and members.

About Dessign Theme Shop

Dessign Theme Shop designs and develops modern and unique responsive WordPress themes. Their focus is to develop many beautiful themes with a minimal and clean layout that let your work stand out. Most WordPress themes mostly focus on the theme itself, but here the goal is to design and develop themes that focus on what’s important and that is your content.

Their WordPress themes were featured on many well known blogs for their modern and unique style, such as: Smashing Magazine, Webdesigner Depot, Mashable, Awwwards, Noupe and many more…

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The Prize

5 lucky winners will get full 1-year access to Dessign Premium Responsive WordPress Themes worth over $900 for each winner. The total giveaway prize is over $4,500. You can use any of the themes on personal or commercial work without any limit. Dessign Theme Shop release 2-3 new themes each month, and are known for great customer support.

Theme Examples

Interactive Responsive WordPress Theme is a modern and unique theme, that focuses on creative artwork and an easy grid layout. Interactive comes with an innovative slider and a modern mobile layout.

Fashion & Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme is a great theme for any fashion and modern magazine layout. Fashion & Magazine has an elegant style and a mobile friendly design.

Large Slider Responsive WordPress Theme is a great theme to showcase your portfolio, with a large slider and an appealing layout. Large Slider has a modern style and a mobile friendly design.

Fullscreen Responsive WordPress Theme is another wonderful theme to showcase your portfolio, with fullscreen images and an interesting layout.

Minimalist Responsive WordPress Theme is a very minimal and clean theme that will make your work stand out. It’s especially suitable for a portfolio.

Transparent Responsive WordPress Theme is a creative theme for showcasing your works. It has a delicate style and a mobile friendly layout.

View all Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

How To Enter

To enter this giveaway and have a chance to win, just do the following:

  1. Comment below and tell us why you should win the membership and how it might help you with your creative career.
  2. Share this giveaway on a social network of your choice. You can also use this tweet button:

Good luck to everyone!

This giveaway ended on May 3, 2013 at 10 p.m. GMT+0.

The Winners

We are happy to announce the following winners of the giveaway:

Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly.

Thank you all for participating!

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  1. I am web developer and these awesome themes would help me in a great way to convince my clients ! Thanks for the offer.

  2. Working for a non-profit that builds websites for local businesses really puts the “non” in “non-profit.” We do our best, but we can’t build every website from scratch. These themes would really give us a boost in the right direction.

  3. I am an Entrepreneur, Just started my own Art Gallery in Berlin (GER) and I am on a tight Budget. The goal is to present artists who usually have little to no chance to eter a Gallery. I love your themes and I am already using the free theme simple grid. Your themes are awesome and would help me to optimize my web performance where I show our artists. I am no webdesigner but you make it easy to learn and get to where I want to be with my website. I would be a very happy Entrepreneur with these great themes.

  4. I’ve been a long time fan of and their Fashion & Magazine theme is perfect for me!! This giveaway would allow me the tools to launch my new site and creative project called “Our Style Stories”. You can find the pre-launch here:

    Hoping I win this awesome opportunity!

  5. I’m a web-developer. I never used ready-to-go templates for my projects so I would love to see how others do their work and learn even more from those themes.

  6. I’m a mom of two working a full-time office design job (which I enjoy) while day-dreaming of working from home for myself (because, let’s face it, I miss my kiddos). I’m almost there, right on the edge of taking the leap (it will work out this time). A prize like this would be great, freeing up more of my funds to make the move to freelancing all the more possible and achievable for my family. 🙂

  7. Because I don’t want to sell “non-responsive” websites anymore, even for small budgets… These professional “ready-to-use” themes are perfect for this purpose.

  8. Great themes here!!
    I’d love using one of these for my business site I’m trying to build

  9. If I win, I’ll end starvation in the world…let me do that please!!!! Thank you for them!

  10. I’m working with a non-profit school- Marion County School of Music- which burned down last year. We are raising money to to assist the school in continuing it’s operations. Getting a membership to this great WordPress resource will greatly help us get our efforts off the ground and make a new website for the school. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our website on IndieGogo. Thanks!

  11. HI, I would love to get this membreship, I didn’t hear of them ’till now. This themes are very ellegant, I would love to get it to use in my busssines.

  12. I stumbled upon the Dessign WP themes a few months ago, on the Creative Market. I totally love their “Illustration WordPress Responsive” and “SimpleSlider Responsive” themes, as well as others. Their choice of colors, fonts and layouts are superb — and entice the user to want to read the actual content.

    Would dearly love to win one of the memberships because the Dessign themes would help my nacent freelance web development work to another level. I would also use one their themes for my personal blog.

    Thank you Codrops for this great giveaway.

  13. Good Templates are always worth to work with them. Helps saving time if they are good coded.

  14. I already promote you just because I think your themes are great and offer people a better, and much more professional way to portray their work. I continuously share all your new themes to my friends because I believe in this type of development and innovation behind it. I deserve to win, after being a fan and follower for years it seems.

  15. Ohhh! that themes are amazing! :D.
    Minimalistic, beatiful and responsive, What more could you want? Thumbs Up!!

  16. I have a little company of web design and membership will helpe very much because, so, i can compete with other studios of web who have much more employees and have very low prices.

    Muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Voy a rezar para ganarme este premio.

  17. I am a pursuing Post Graduate Diploma Course in Website Development.
    What I have found out is that I am comfortable with development part of websites but when it comes to the design aspect, I have a huge scope of improvement. Getting a better insight will greatly benefit me in career.

  18. Great giveaway!!!
    I am a student of IT and learning wordpress now a days…Looking for some responsive themes..These are great