20 Examples of Centered Website Designs

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Centering elements in a web design is a very effective way of creating visual balance. Centered designs can also make responsiveness easier, a property that is becoming more and more desirable with the growth of the ‘mobile web’. Inspired by these two ideas I want to share a couple of centered designs with you. The collections consist of web designs that mainly have centered elements like headlines, images or content areas.

25 Fresh Examples of Beautiful Typeface Combinations in Web Design

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Typography is a very important part of design and choosing the right type for your design can be very challenging. From print to web layouts, typography is the center piece of a good design and today we gathered a few examples of beautiful typeface combinations in web design to inspire you. In web design, typography can be used in different forms, big bold headers, simple and clean menus, explanatory text and so on. Finding a good combination of typeface is more than only good taste, it’s an art.

Is There Room for Negative Space in Web Design?

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Negative space is most commonly associated with logos or compositions where the empty space creates a unique shape or represents something – like the arrow in the FedEx logo. But negative space in web design may not be that cool or sexy, but its still very important to the over all design. Just remember that you don’t want your design to feel cramped or cluttered, you want your users to enjoy the experience. If anything, just add a little bit more padding.