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The column-rule-color property is used to set the color of the column rule between adjacent columns in a multi-column layout.

A column rule is kind of like a border that you can add to separate adjacent columns in the same multi-column layout. It can even have styles like those a border can have.

A column rule is drawn only between adjacent columns; that is, it is not drawn before the first column, nor is it drawn after the last column.

A column rule does not take up any space. This means that adding a column rule will not increase the amount of space, or the gap (see column-gap), between the columns.

Official Syntax

  • Syntax:

    column-rule-color: <color>
  • Initial: currentColor
  • Applies To: multi-column elements
  • Animatable: yes, as a color


See the <color> entry for a list of possible colors.


The following will apply a blue color to rules drawn between adjacent columns in a multi-column layout:

.mag {
    columns: 12em;
    column-rule-width: 5px;
    column-rule-style: solid;
    column-rule-color: #0099CC;

See the live demo section next for a live example.

Live Demo

Have a look at the live demo:

View this demo on the Codrops Playground

Browser Support

CSS3 Multiple column layout

Method of flowing information in multiple columns

W3C Candidate Recommendation

Supported from the following versions:


  • 50
  • 92
  • 10
  • 37
  • 10

Mobile / Tablet

  • 10
  • 125
  • all
  • 125
  • 126

* denotes prefix required.

  • Supported:
  • Yes
  • No
  • Partially
  • Polyfill

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