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Collective #695

CSS Speedrun * Designing a modern UI theme with Open Props * Essence * Simple.css

Collective #694

Biased by Design * Vanta.js * Parcel CSS * Color Modulation * Memory leaks

Collective #693

Typejuice * PrinceJS * CSS in 2022 * React Native Skia * Smoothly Reverting CSS Animations

Collective #692

12 Days of Web * Pixel Patterns * DoodleCSS * Breaking Out of the Box * Vortex * HTTP compression

Collective #691

The 2021 Web Almanac * Open Props * Defensive CSS * Floating UI * Line length revisited

Collective #690

Image Optimizer * Pglet * cccolor * There Is No Digital World * Underline Fill Effect in CSS

Collective #689

Modern CSS Reset * SVGcode * Stunning 3D scenes with R3F * Caffeine

Collective #688

Flip, Invert, and Reverse * Shadow Palette Generator * tldraw * Rows * RegexLearn