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Collective #98

Inspirational Website of the Week


It takes a long time to load, but it's definitely worth the wait. Eleks' Google Glass experiment website is our pick this week.

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GLSL-Transition is a fantastic project by Gaƫtan Renaudeau that leverages the powers of WebGL Shaders (GLSL) to create amazing transition effects.

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Slip.js is an excellent UI library for interactive swiping and reordering of elements in lists on touch screens.

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Need to style some checkboxes and want them to look the same across all browsers? Then iCheck (for jQuery and Zepto) will make your work easy by creating customized checkboxes and radio buttons.

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A great project for hover effects by Ian Lunn.

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Ten reasons we switched from an icon font to SVG

An excellent article by Ian Feather on the reasons why at they chose SVG over icon fonts.

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Flexible CSS cover images


Read how Nicolas Gallagher implemented the flexible cover images that appear in his posts.

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Flat Apple Devices MockUp (PSD)


A great set of Apple device mockups including iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook for responsive web design showcases.

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CSS: User Agent Selectors


How to use CSS attribute selectors to target specific browsers? Rogie King explains how to do it.

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Unify: Unicode support on browsers and devices


Unicode characters are not supported equally among devices. John Holt Ripley created this unicode test suite where you can check where a unicode character is supported and where not.

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Top Pens of 2013


Check out the most popular pens of 2013 on Codepen. A set of 100 creative pens are waiting to get checked out.

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Free flat round icons set


If you need some pixel-perfect, round and flat icons for your next project, you'll definitely find RoundIcons interesting. You can download a set of 60 icon for a tweet or a like.

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Free Font: Homizio Nova


Homizio Nova is a slick and elegant sans-serif font designed by Álvaro Thomáz.

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Picjumbo: Free photos


This site offers some high-quality and meaningful photography for personal or commercial usage.

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How To Create an Easy Abstract Blur Pattern Design


A great tutorial on how to create a stylish pattern design by Chris Spooner.

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Fragmentation of masked and clipped content


Learn all about fragmentation of masked and clipped content in this Adobe article. Also, read the second part here.

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Origins of Common UI Symbols


A beautiful presentation of Bryan Gardiner's "Origins of Common UI Symbols" on Readymag designed by Shuffle Magazine.

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Free Font: Fancy Me


A dreamy and pretty font on Colors & Beyond.

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48 Free Icons


Robin Kylander created this brilliant vector icon set with 48 icons for free.

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When To Use The Button Element

Read about when to use a hyperlink or a button element in your HTML in this article by Chris Coyier.

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