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Collective #87

Inspirational Website of the Week


Banana Café surprises with a colorful them and some pretty cool 3D hover effects. Our pick this week.

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Smart Transitions In User Experience Design


A very insightful article by Adrian Zumbrunnen on some great examples of smart transitions and subtle animation patterns that improve user experience on websites.

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Calculating element vertex data from CSS transforms


Learn how to generate advanced vertex data for CSS transformed elements and see how to use this data to shade elements using a light source in this fantastic article by Keith Clark.

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Cargo Cult CSS


A very insightful article by Ben Darlow that dissects the problems of pop methodologies for writing and managing CSS such as OOCSS and BEM.

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Creating game-style parallax scrolling: Zombie Edition


Elli Bishop shows you how to do game-style parallax scrolling with a zombielicious demo. Also, check out the interactive Walking Dead infographic to see the concept in action.

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Free Font: Chula


Gabriela Roh shares this delicate and fashionable font for free.

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From the creator of Raphaël, Dmitry Baranovskiy, comes another fantastic library that makes working with SVG super easy.

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Offline.js is a useful library that automatically alerts users when they've lost Internet connectivity. It captures AJAX requests which were made while the connection was down, and remakes them when it's back up.

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With doCapture you can create high-res website screen captures in the exact size you need.

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Content Snippets


Content Snippets collects specific copy examples from websites and applications, to serve as inspiration for writing professionals.

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Stereoscopic CSS


Donovan Hutchinson takes 3D-style effects one step further and dives into stereoscopy with a great demo where you need to cross your eyes to see the stunning effect.

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180 Beautiful Flat Icons (AI, EPS,PDF, PNG)


A great set of 90 flat round icons in two variations by Elegant Themes.

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Newton is an easy-to-use, feature-rich physics engine for JavaScript created by Hunter Loftis.

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Using CSS Shapes to Enhance Visual Storytelling


Peek into the future and read about how CSS Shapes can be applied for creating fantastic "out-of-the-box" layouts. Also, check out the Alice in Wonderland demo code on GitHub. Note that not all browsers support CSS Shapes yet.

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iPad Air (PSD)


Always offering the most recent device mockups, Pixeden has released yet another excellent vector mockup, this time of the iPad Air.

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Opening type


A fantastic pen by Diego Pardo that shows a creative hover effect on cut out letters.

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Slidr.js is a lightweight JavaScript library by Brian Chan for creating slides with subtle transitions.

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100 PSD mock-ups (PSD)


An incredible set of useful product mockups by for Webdesigner Depot.

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Avoiding Unnecessary Paints: Animated GIF Edition


Paul Lewis explains why animated GIFs can cause unnecessary paints and how to debug and fix that using Chrome DevTools' Show paint rectangles tool.

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iWatch Mock-Up


An absolutely stunning product concept of a "smartwatch" by Thomas Bogner.

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Remote Jobs


A great new site for finding remote job openings for web professionals.

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Flat Design User Interface Elements (PSD)


Marie Dehayes shares this beautiful flat design UI kit for free.

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On Gratisography you can find free and qualitative high-resolution pictures to use in your personal and commercial projects.

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Free Font: KOMODA


Joanna Angulska designed this exquisite and beautiful condensed uppercase font.

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